Enigma Spy Adventure Level 2 Walkthrough

Enigma Spy Adventure Level 2 Walkthrough Game Guide. Need help with the forest puzzle part? A game by Bad Pixel/Grzegorz Kowal? We have solved all riddles, parts and chapters. Enigma is free to download so get it at iTunes or Google Play app Store for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android devices. Enjoy our game guide. We love this trivia quiz game. We are trying to make a small fan community on this page. Enjoy Bad Pixel: Adventure point and click retro games. We love the Enigma: Tiny Spy – Point & Click Adventure Game.
If you love hidden object or escape from the room then this game is top notch. You solve the mystery of the Enigma machine and escape from the occupied territory. Travel through the Europe as a secret agent during World War 2. Bring the secret code book by using logic, talking, collecting items, solving jigsaws and puzzles. Use logic, find items, hide them in your inventory, combine, talk with NPC’s to solve the mystery and escape the enemy. The silent age begins – get the secret code book and win the war. The book is in Warsaw, and has to be delivered to London – and that’s how this story begins. Enjoy our walkthrough guide for Enigma Spy Adventure.

Enigma Spy Adventure Level 2 Walkthrough

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Enigma Spy Adventure – Forest

Enigma Spy Adventure Forest

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