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ESCAPE 130XES Walkthrough All Levels

ESCAPE 130XES Walkthrough, Guide and Cheats for Android, iPhone, iPod and iPad. If you are stuck on a puzzle stage box and need help, then use our complete walkthrough to solve the difficult levels. ESCAPE: 130XES is a puzzle game where your objective is to open boxes full of escape tools. You solve various puzzles and tricks to unlock mystery boxes, but opening the boxes may seam simple, but can get very tricky. To unlock the boxes, you’ll have to think outside the box.
ESCAPE 130XES Walkthrough All Levels

ESCAPE 130XES Walkthrough, Solutions and Cheats All Levels

Here are the first twenty levels of Escape 130XES, it’s pretty hard for us to solve all the levels. We haven’t got the time. If you have any solved puzzles that we don’t, please share your solutions in the comments area below to help our community. If we find your walkthrough helpful, we will then update the post and credit you in the article. Thanks for your help!
Level 1
Tap the handle of the iron box.
Level 2
Slide the handle down to.
Level 3
Slide down both the handles at the same time.
Level 4
Rotate handle in the anti-clockwise direction to move to level 5.
Level 5
Slide the handle down and rotate the handle wheel in clockwise direction.
Level 6
Tap the hint then insert 2014 as the code
Level 7
Unlock the latches
Level 8
Slide the front left
Level 9
Insert the code 3103
Level 10
Turn right to 5, left to 3, right to 7, left to 3.
Level 11
Tap 412369#.
Level 12
Tap and hold button for 13 seconds and release to solve the level
Level 13
Tap LRLR buttons until you hear different tunes each time.
Level 14
Set the number to 7777.
Level 15
Look at the colors to the right and arrange the block accordingly
Level 18
Complete the Egypt puzzle to finish this level.
Level 19
Tap the brown bricks to solve this level
Level 20
Make sure the symbols match the symbol crown.

Please feel free to share your level walkthrough for this great game. Leave a comment below and help others solving the difficult box puzzles! Thanks for your help and support.