Escape the Prison Adventure Walkthrough

Escape the prison adventure Walkthrough Game Guide. Need help solving a puzzle for the game by Rabbit Bay Games? We have solved all levels, parts, chapters and stages. Gameplay video with explanations and full walkthrough. Download the game from iTunes or Google Play app Store. Works with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android devices. Enjoy our game guide. We love this trivia quiz game. Escape walkthrough.
Escape the prison is an adventure game “Room Escape”. Look for surveillance, blocked exits, computer systems or guards. Looking in your cell you will find many objects and tools that may help you. Try to use them or combine them. Codes and passwords are found all around. Unlock bars and doors by using the codes on computers. Prisoners can help you solve the puzzles. It’s an adventure game full of fun. Enjoy this Escape the prison adventure!
Escape the prison adventure Walkthrough

Escape the Prison Adventure Walkthrough

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Escape Prison adventure walkthrough – Part 1

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