How to estimate the total value of your Steam account

Do you have an account on the gaming platform Steam?
Maybe it’s an old account with more than 100 games on it.
If that fits on you, you might think it could be fun to try and estimate the total value in dollars of that account.
Follow these quick steps, and you’ll know the value of your account, I can tell you that the number surprised me a bit!
1) Go to Steamcommunity
2) Type in ur username in the box to the right.
3) Click your name in the list that’s appearing.
4) Copy the numbers after /profiles/
5) Now go to Steamdb Calculator.
6) Paste the number you saved in step 4 into the calculator.
7) Now simply wait for it to calculate.
Did you find this guide easy to use? Want to share the value or played time with us?
Then simply write a comment below!
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