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Eyenigma – Who's looking All Level Answers

Solutions for Eyenigma level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… We have all levels and look answers right here at guidesetc.com! The game is created by Genera Mobile and is available for Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch on AppStore and Google Play. Can you recognize the famous faces by seeing their eyes? So if you are stuck, then use our walkthrough guide to help advance in this fun game.
Editor’s note: Your level and Look may appear in a different order from the answers below.
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All you have to do is to scroll down till you find the level that you’re looking for, and you should be able to find the right answer for just the level that you’re struggling with.
1-1: Where does he live? – White House
1-2: What is she known for? – Insane Clothes
1-3: Known as the prince of? Bel-Air
1-4: Who’s his biggest enemy? – Bowser
1-5: What is the king of? Pop
1-6: Has what on his face? A Scar
1-7: What movie director is his uncle? Francis Ford Coppola
1-8: What’s up…. Doc
1-9: is married to… Angelina Jolie
1-10: why so…? Serious
2-11: Where’d they try to tell her to go? Rehab
2-12: What’s the name of her friend? Keroppi
2-13: Who’s his best friend? Donkey
2-14: What does he especially love eating? Scooby snacks
2-15: Who is his character in “Bruce Almighty”? God
2-16: What was his jersey number? 23
2-17: What color shoes does he always wear? Red
2-18: He need to… Phone Home
2-19: Loves to say… “You are under arrest”
2-20: Pities who? The fool
3-21: Is from what planet? Vulcan
3-22: Can’t take a bath without his… Rubber ducky
3-23: Is always escaping what character? Sylvester
3-24: Trademarked which catchphrase? That’s hot
3-25: Best friend is… Odie
3-26: What’s his real name? Paul Hewson
3-27: Evolves into which Pokemon? Raichu
3-28: Is most known for what film? Home Alone
3-29: Went crazy on who’s talk show? Oprah
3-30: Loves what sweet? Cookies
4-31: Who’s he trying to save? Zelda
4-32: What fruit does he live in? Pineapple
4-33: Is what kind of robot? Robot cat
4-34: He lives on… Sesame Street
4-35: What relic did he found? Holy Grail
4-36: He’s “Gotta” do what? Catch ‘em all
4-37: What character is the female version of him? Cake
4-38: Lives where? Under a rock
4-39: Who’s his best friend? Ernie
4-40: She is known as sailor…Moon
5-41 Is from what US city? Tupelo, Mississippi
5-42 What’s his son’s name ? Gohan
5-43 He plays what instrument? Clarinet
5-44 Who is his master? Gru
5-45 He died on what date? 29556
5-46 Is a comic character from what country? France
5-47 He does what in almost every episode? Dies
5-48 What color are his pants? Brown
5-49 You’re gonna hear her… Roar
5-50 What’s the name of his roommate? Leonard Hofstader
6-51: Is the lead singer of what band? The police
6-52: His friend is a pink.. Elephant
6-53: Who is she in love with? Kermit
6-54: Who was his original opponent? Mario
6-55: Who’s her best friend? Boots
6-56: By what other name is he otherwise known as? Ziggy Stardust
6-57: What catchphrase does he want to trademark? Winning
6-58: In what movie does he say, “Wendy I’m home” The shinning
6-59: What are his fans called? Beliebers
6-60: What’s his most famous movie? High school musical
7-61: Who did he come to save? John Connor
7-62: Who is trying to steal his krabby patty recipe? Plankton
7-63: Who did she perform onstage with during the 2013 VMA’s? Robin Thicke
7-64: What street does he appear on? Elm Street
7-65: What does he say “you shall not pass!”, to? Balrog
7-66: Who plays this serial killer? Michel C Hall
7-67: In what state does a president have a airport named after him? New York
7-68: what is his equation for finding relativity? e = mc^2
7-69: Who’s his best friend? Jake
7-70: What does he call “my precious” The Ring
8-71: Which film did she star in in 1992? Basic Instinct
8-72: From what country is this comedian? England
8-73: Which band was he the lead singer of? Queen
8-74: How many times has he named “sexiest man alive”? 2
8-75: In what decade did he become a superstar? 1950′s to 19060′s
8-76: What is the main detective’s name in the film/series? Inspector Jacques Clouseau
8-77: What’s his real name? Stevland Hardaway Morris
8-78: Where was he born? Liverpool
8-79: What supernatural/horror superhero film did she star in? Ghost Rider
8-80: Whom did she have her most controversial relationship with? Chris Brown
9-81: What instrument does he play? Clarinet
9-82: What’s the name of her debut studio album? Baby one more time
9-83: In what movie does he say, “You talkin’ to me”? Taxi Driver
9-84: Who’s his best friend? Boo Boo
9-85: What pop group was originally he a member of? Take That
9-86: Where does he come from? India
9-87: Where is he from? Puerto Rico
9-88: What’s the name of her boyfriend? Ken
9-89: How many 007 films did he star in? 4
9-90: What’s his nickname? The Man Of Steel
10-91: What’s the name of one of her albums? Pink Friday Roman Reloaded
10-92: Whats the name of his character in Django Unchained? Calvin Candie
10-93: In what 2008 black comedy film does he star in? In Bruges
10-94: Who plays this super hero in the 2011 film? Ryan Reynolds
10-95: In what romantic comedy does he star in with Drew Barrymore? 50 first dates
10-96: What is his character’s name in rush hour? Chief Inspector Lee
10-97: What memoir film was made about his life? Motorcycle Diaries
10-98: How does he like to be called? CR7
10-99: In what state did he serve as governor before becoming… Texas
10-100: What action hero did she play? Lara Croft
11-101: In what does she play a character named Fracie Hart? Miss Congeniality
11-102: In what steven king film does he star in? Secret Window
11-103: What is his favorite food? Pizza
11-104: Which dream girl did she play in the film? Deena Jones
11-105: He’s faster than… Lightning
11-106: What brand does this film in the 2006 film? Prada
11-107: The film is based on what literary work? Graphic Novel
11-108: What fast food franchise is he the face of? McDonald’s
11-109: In what 2012 disaster drama film does she star in? The Impossible
11-110: In what neducak drama series does she star in? House
12-111: Where is the singer originally from? Columbia
12-112: who is he the chieftain of? Dothrakis
12-113: Is also known as.. He who must not be named
12-114: starred in which 007 movie… Skyfall
12-115: what supernatural creature does he play? Werewolf
12-116: He is the king of… Reggae
12-117: He plays Peter Venkman in what film? Ghost Busters
12-118: Which of her songs spent six weeks at the top of the charts? Like a virgin
12-119: how old is this person? 5 years old
12-120: who fired her for her attitude problem? Michael Bay
13-121: What’s her character’s name in “Modern Family”? Gloria
13-122: Which Olympics did he attend? 4
13-123: What network did this character original appear? MTV
13-124: What’s the name of his best friend/pet fish? Darwin
13-125: What city did he grow up in? Detroit
13-126: What is his musical instrument of choice? Electric Guitar
13-127: What award was he the first actor to receive? Postumous Academy Award
13-128: What does are some of her most famous songs about? Exboyfriends
13-129: In what series did he begin his acting career? Little House On Prairie
13-130: Who’s his favorite lady? Olive Oyl
14-131: What is the name of his screen person? The Tramp
14-132: Who did he play in the matrix? Neo
14-133: What is he? Hobbit
14-134: In what 2006 disney movie does he play the character? Cars
14-135: What green gooey energy mass does Robin William’s ch? Flubber
14-136: In what city does this detective live? London
14-137: What company did he found? Microsoft
14-138: What’s his ‘new look’ at the end of the movie Zoolander? Magnum
14-139: Which part of his body is most famous? Lips
14-140: What is his sister’s name? Dee Dee
15-141: What 2012 historical drama thriller did he direct and star in? Argo
15-142: What’s the name of her child? North West
15-143: Who did he dedicate the 1997 version of ‘Candle in the wind’ to? Princess Diana
15-144: What iconic grunge band was he the frontman of? Nirvana
15-145: Which is his favorite thing to wear? Boots
15-146: Where is her trademark mole located? Above her lip
15-147: what is the name of his ex wife? Elle Nordegren
15-148: What US dollar bill is his face on? 1
15-149: What english rock band is he a member of? The Rolling stones
15-150: His best friend is… Butthead
16-151: What character does he play in “Indiana Jones and the last crusade” ? Henry Jones, Sr
16-152: In what movie does she play a cabaret star and courtesan? Moulin Rouge
16-153: Who is his owner? Charlie Brown
16-154: What country is she from? Russia
16-155: In what movie does she play a sexy spy? Charlie’s Angels
16-156: What is his character’s name in snatch? Frankie Four Fingers
16-157: What sport did he play professionally? Basketball
16-158: In what disney movie does she play long-lost twins? The Parent Trap
16-159: What’s his new stage name? Snoop Lion
16-160: What is his job in the “blade” films? Vampire Hunter
17-161: What kind of animal is he? Panda Bear
17-162: Who did he play in Sherlock Holmes movies? Dr. Watson
17-163: What character does he play in wall street? Gordon Gekko
17-164: What patriotic 198 hit did he sing? Born In The USA
17-165: Life is like a box of… Chocolates
17-166: Where does he live? King’s Landing
17-167: What gang of friends is he a member of in the movie “grease”? The T-Birds
17-168: What is his profession? Reporter
17-169: Plays a sarcastic doctor on what medical drama tv series? House
17-170: What seven titles was he stripped of after admitting to doping? Tour De France
18-171: What epic space film collection is he most famous for directing? Star Wars
18-172: Which of her singles was hot 100 number one single of 2011? Rolling In The Deep
18-173: He was the lead singer of… The Doors
18-174: His makes money working as a… DJ
18-175: What city was she born in? New York
18-176: What’s his character’s full name? Angus MacGyver
18-177: What X-men character does she play? Storm
18-178: What communist country was he president/dictator of until 2008? Cuba
18-179: She is currently ranked number one in which sport? Tennis
18-180: He is the leader of what group? Ninja Turtles
19-181: His best friend is an emotionally unstable dog named… Ren
19-182: His best friend is a dimwitted cat named Stimpy
19-183: What animal is he? Chameleon
19-184: He is the world champion of… Formula One Racing
19-185: His real name is… Mark Sinclair Vincent
19-186: He lives on a cliff overlooking what town? Whoville
19-187: His mentor is a giant rat named… Splinter
19-188: What superhero does he play in the recent film trilogy? Batman
19-189: The original phrase was “keep calm and…” Carry on.”
19-190: His favorite color is… Orange
20-191: What state is he originally from? New Jersey
20-192: What’s his nickname in the sports world? Black Mamba
20-193: What’s his character’s name in dumb & dumber? Lloyd Christmas
20-194: What was the first team he played for? Memphis Grizzlies
20-195: What was his first film as an actor? Get Rich Or Die Tryin’
20-196: What is one of his most famous singles? The Beautiful People
20-197: He was one of the leaders of which group? The Rat Pack
20-198: Although he plays for FC Barcelona, what country is … Argentina
20-199: For what film did he win an academy for the best acting? The pianist
20-200: Who is his character in the godfather trilogy? Michael Corleone
21-201: What country is he from? Switzerland
21-202: In what 2010 psychological thriller does she star in? Black Swan
21-203: What is her character in matrix reloaded? Persephone
21-204: She first became successful working on… Daytime talk shows
21-205: In what movie does she accidentally bring dead mu … The Mummy
21-206: In what historically inaccurate film does he star… Braveheart
21-207: What’s typically question does he ask in every episodes? What do you want to do tonight?
21-208: What is his favorite dinosaur’s name? Reptor
21-209: What prank television show did he host in 2003? Punk’d
21-210: What is his nickname in the game of thrones series? The Imp
22-211: What character did she play in Baywatch? C.J. Parker
22-212: Stars in what type of tv program? Educational Children’s Series
22-213: What character does he play in X-men? Wolverine
22-214: Plays a sinister villain in what movie? Spider-man
22-215: He is also known by what name? The Pumpkin King
22-216: Stars with what music artist in the bodyguard? Whitney Houston
22-217: Which spice girl is he married to? Posh Spice
22-218: What other name is she known by? Mother of dragons
22-219: What role is she most famous for? Bella Swan
23-221: In what movie does he play john mcclane? Die Hard
23-222: What character does he play in the lord of the rings? Legolas
23-223: Was co-founder and ceo of what company? Apple
23-224: How many latin grammy awards has he won? 15
23-225: What 1996 science fiction romantic comedy does he star in? The Nutty Professor
23-226: Was the star of a show created by what animation? Hanna-Barbera
23-227: What does he race? Motorcycles
23-228: In what quinten tarantino film does he star as jules wi… Pulp Fiction
23-229: In what television series does he star in? Two and a half men
23-230: Where was this soccer king born? Brazil
24-231: What’s his nickname in the breaking bad? Heisenberg
24-232: What american sports film did he write and star in? Rocky
24-233: What role is she most famous for? Hermione Granger
24-234: Where was he born? Brooklyn
24-235: What team hasn’t he played for? Real madrid
24-236: Where was he lost? In an island
24-237: Who does he play in the Godfather? The Godfather
24-238: What is he always trying to do? Transfer his soul to a human body
24-239: What basketball player was she married to? Dennis Rodman
24-240: What does he usually say in every episode? “Oh my God, they killed Kenny!”
25-241: What tennis player is he married to? Steffi Graf
25-242: How many grand slams did he win? 7
25-243: What family does she belong to? Stark
25-244: What grand slam did he win first? Roland Garros
25-245: What is his most famous quote? “I Have A Dream”
25-246: Where does he live? Tibet
25-247: He was the ___ president of the united states… 16th
25-248: He was the first person to walk on … The moon
25-249: How many F1 championships has he won? 2
25-250: His most famous poem is called… The raven
26-251: What article of clothing does he wear? A Hat
26-252: What does he fight? Pollution
26-253: What marvel superhero did he play? Hulk
26-254: What is his most awarded movie? Schindler’s List
26-255: Knock knock knock … Penny
26-256: What is his astronaut nickname? Froot Loops
26-257: He can’t talk to girls unless he’s… Drunk
26-258: What was his prisoner number? 46664
26-259: Who did he play in gladiator? The emperor