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Farmville 2 Community Friends Add

Add Me friends Requests. Add new neighbor Community friends here without adding people through Facebook. By joining each others farms in Co-Op you can trade, share and level up faster in FarmVille 2: Country Escape. Community friends aren’t your Facebook friends. What is a community neighbor then? It’s a friend that you can visit and help on your farm, without actually adding them as a Facebook friend. In this way, both you and your neighbor will hopefully earn more progress in your games, but you’ll retain your Facebook profile privacy.
Farmville 2 Community Friends Add

Friends Code, Social network ID number or Friends ID share.

FarmVille 2 neighbors JOIN NOW! By leaving your information below in comments.
You are at the right place! Simply add pleople to co-op from this page and start enjoying your favorite iPhone (iOS), Android and Facebook game.
What it your co-op name? Feel free to leave your name in the comments area below to let other people know your neighbor Community!