Fixing BBM issues with invalid Email for iPhone and Android

Here is a step by step instructions for fixing “invalid email” when downloading and installing the app. If you already reserved a spot by signing up, it can by a pain. You might get error like “user account is in INVALID mode”, invalid email.
Here are the solutions for fixing problems related to BBM registration for iOS, iPhone, iPad and Android.
Solution 1
Did you already register your email with BIS long time ago? use that account.
Solution 2
Log into your BIS account and re-authorize the account info
Go to the Setup Icon –> E-Mail Settings –> Log into your settings account –> Then click the RED email account that is not validated. Mark it and re-validate with your password.
Alternative how-to
Your email accounts might no longer be validated by the Blackberry Internet Service.
To fix your problem –> Go to your carriers log-in page for-example T-Mobile: and then click on each “account’s” icon to re-validate them.
Solution 3
Check for incorrect password on your email account by logging into your BIS account.