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Fun Ways to Sing Answers All Levels

Fun Ways to Sing Answers, Solutions and Cheats for Android and iPhone (iOS). If you are stuck and need help guessing a song riddle, then use our walkthrough. This game app is the first song guessing game that is coupled with Rebus Puzzles. The guys behind this great game are also the makers of the popular riddle game ‘Fun Ways to Think’. The app is developed by All in a Days Play and available on iTunes and Google Play. There are many picture combos to solve, that will leave you guessing. Simply have to unriddle the riddle and guess the song. Hope you will enjoy our Fun Ways to Sing Answers.

Fun Ways to Sing Answers, Solutions and Cheats All Levels

Fun Ways to Sing Answers Levels 1-70:
Level 1: Happy
Level 2: Selfie
Level 3: Its my life
Level 4: Ice ice Baby
Level 5: Bebot
Level 6: Gangnam style
Level 7: Baby
Level 8: Pokerface
Level 9: Counting Stars
Level 10: Roar
Level 11: Demons
Level 12: Monster
Level 13: Spaceman
Level 14: Wake me up
Level 15: Timber
Level 16: Yeah
Level 17: Whistle
Level 18: Gold Digger
Level 19: My Humps
Level 20: Grenade
Level 21: Ymca
Level 22: Macarena
Level 23: Animals
Level 24: Black or White
Level 25: Payphone
Level 26: Hero
Level 27: Dark Horse
Level 28: Fix You
Level 29: Diamonds
Level 30: Love Story
Level 31: Low
Level 32: Hips dont lie
Level 33: Milkshake
Level 34: Fireflies
Level 35: Enter Sandman
Level 36: Burn
Level 37: Single Ladies
Level 38: Play Hard
Level 39: Paradise
Level 40: Scream & Shout
Level 41: Pump it
Level 42: Wrecking Ball
Level 43: Numb
Level 44: Taxi
Level 45: 8 Mile
Level 46: Blurred Lines
Level 47: Black & Yellow
Level 48: Right round
Level 49: Temperature
Level 50: Red Lights
Level 51: We are young
Level 52: Love runs out
Level 53: Turn Down
Level 54: Love me Again
Level 55: Brazil
Level 56: Let her go
Level 57: Just Dance
Level 58: Thrift Shop
Level 59: Smack That
Level 60: Shot me down
Level 61: One more Night
Level 62: Beat it
Level 63: Call me may be
Level 64: Stronger
Level 65: Apologize
Level 66: Tick Tock
Level 67: All my days
Level 68: Waving Flag
Level 69: Magic
Level 70: Trumpets

Hope you liked our Fun Ways to Sing Answers.