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GetFact Answers and Solutions All Facts

GetFact Answers, Solutions and Cheats All Facts and Questions. A game app by Four Letter Works. GetFact has 1,000s of cunningly cultivated facts across a wide range of topics including animals, science, sport, music and pretty much all areas of interestingness.

GetFact Answers and Solutions All Facts

Unlock 1,000s of QI facts by finding the hidden words. Found our help below.

Fact 1-50

No.0006: The British eat more __ than the French – GetFact
No.0007: The bank of America was originally called the Bank of – GetFact
No.0008: Chilli peppers taste in space than on Earth – GetFact
No.0009: 64% of Americans prefer their __’s company to their partner’s – GetFact
No.0010:s – In 2017 a Brazilian great-grandmother discovered the figure of St Anthony that she’d prayed to for years was actually an __ – GetFact
No.0011: A book by George H. W. Bush’s __ spent 23 weeks on the US bestseller list – GetFact
No.0012:s – A clock’s __ hand is really its __ hand – GetFact
No.0013: Nobody knows who invented the __. The patent records were destroyed in a fire – GetFact
No.0017: Orangutans like playing with, but gorillas do not – GetFact
No.0018: Spiders tune their webs like – GetFact
No.0019: Prince Charles wants to reduce grey squirrel numbers by feeding them contraceptives hidden in – GetFact
No.0020: In the French Harry Potter books, Voldemort’s middle name is – GetFact
No.0025: No one __ in the bible – GetFact
No.0027: The average person makes 35,000 a day – GetFact
No.0029: Since 1990, more people have been killed by __ than by sharks – GetFact
No.0030: In the 1980s Nissan’s talking cars used tiny – GetFact
No.0031: The average person has 13 – GetFact
No.0032: Octopuses with their arms – GetFact
No.0033: Mice up to forty times an hour – GetFact
No.0034: In 2010, Fiji lost its original Declaration of Independence and had to ask… – GetFact
No.0035: The photons hitting your __ right now were passing Mercury five minutes ago – GetFact
No.0036: In China, “Pretty Woman” became… – GetFact
No.0037: The Serbian for pride means __ in Russian – GetFact
No.0038: Drug-addicted __ are depleting India’s opium crop – GetFact
No.0039: The word Xmas was in use before the word – GetFact
No.0040: The award ceremony for __ writers is called “The Grimmies” – GetFact
No.0041: Cinema audiences __ in unison – GetFact
No.0042: Objects viewed from between the legs look __ – GetFact
No.0043:s – More than half of the Earth’s surface is not subject to any __ – GetFact
No.0044: If we could extend our lives indefinitely we’d still die but in an __ at an average age of 1,200 – GetFact
No.0045: In Venezuela cost the equivalent of £80,000 each – GetFact
No.0046: Sabrage is a technique for opening __ with a cavalry sword – GetFact
No.0047: 31% of Chinese tourists pack instant __ when they travel – GetFact
No.0048: Bees can be taught to play __ – GetFact
No.0049: The US’s ninth-largest brewery has made a new beer from recycled __ water – GetFact
No.0050: Collectively Americans take 300,000 years to do their __ every year – GetFact
No.0051: In the Fula language of West and Central Africa, a computer crash is a known as a “hooki”, which means “a __” falling over but not dying” – GetFact
No.0052: British children can be held responsible for crimes from age of 10, but can’t own a __ until they’re 16 – GetFact
No.0053: St. Jerome forbade nuns to eat __ because of the widespread belief that they “excited the genitals of woman – GetFact
No.0054: Leopard urine smells like – GetFact
No.0055: All mammals regardless of size take twelve seconds to __ – GetFact