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Guess The 90s Quiz – Level 5 Answers

Guess The 90s Quiz – Level 5 Answers for Android, iPhone, iPod and iPad. If you are stuck and need help, then use our complete list of solutions below. The game app is developed by Ant IT Apps and is about the 1990s decade. See how many you can recognize by Guessing different things related to 1990’s like Movies, New Technology, TV Shows, Games, Quiz, Cartoons, Celebrities, Icons, Musicians. Hope you liked our puzzle word cheats and walkthrough. This game is becoming very popular, so stay tuned for more answers.
Guess The 90s Quiz Answers

Guess The 90s Quiz – Level 5 Answers, solutions and cheats.

Level 5-1: Tonya Harding
Level 5-2: Wu Tang Clan
Level 5-3: Tori Spelling
Level 5-4: Limp Bizkit
Level 5-5: Doom
Level 5-6: Janet Jackson
Level 5-7: Beavis And Butthead
Level 5-8: Ace Of Base
Level 5-9: Friday
Level 5-10: Madeline
Level 5-11: The Dream Team
Level 5-12: Pulp Fiction
Level 5-13: Cindy Crawford
Level 5-14: Star Fox
Level 5-15: Polly Pocket
Level 5-16: Roller Blades
Level 5-17: Lfo
Level 5-18: Nancy Kerrigan
Level 5-19: Freddie Prinze Jr
Level 5-20: Tim Allen