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Guess Close Up Character Quiz Answers

Guess Close Up Character Quiz Answers, Solutions and cheats.
Are you looking for a complete guide for all the levels of the game Guess Close Up Character Quiz created by AllinaDaysPlay? We got all of them right here for you.
In this game you will see images of some cartoon character. However it’s more tricky than that, since the images are zoomed in, which means you can only see a part of the image. If you’re stuck we are here to help you out.
Guess Close Up Character Quiz Answers

Guess Close Up Character Quiz Answers All Levels

Enjoy this guide for this fun puzzle game.
Guess Close Up Character Quiz Answers:
Level 1: Batman
Level 2: Shrek
Level 3: Bart
Level 4: Spiderman
Level 5: Mario
Level 6: Dexter
Level 7: Superman
Level 8: Ben10
Level 9: Tweety
Level 10: Scooby-Doo
Level 11: Pikachu
Level 12: Bolt
Level 13: Minion
Level 14: Hulk
Level 15: Wall-E
Level 16: Tom
Level 17: FredFlintstone
Level 18: Garfield
Level 19: BugsBunny
Level 20: IronMan
Level 21: Popeye
Level 22: Po
Level 23: Mickey
Level 24: Homer
Level 25: JohnnyBravo
Level 26: Spongebob
Level 27: Daffyduck
Level 28: Jerry
Level 29: Woody
Level 30: Bubbles
Level 31: Wolverine
Level 32: Wonderwoman
Level 33: Donkey
Level 34: Thor
Level 35: Taz
Level 36: Aladdin
Level 37: BuzzLightyear
Level 38: Ralph
Level 39: Sonic
Level 40: GreenLantern
Level 41: Shaggy
Level 42: Casper
Level 43: DonkeyKong
Level 44: GeorgeJetson
Level 45: PapaSmurf
Level 46: PussInBoots
Level 47: Pinocchio
Level 48: PinkPanther
Level 49: EricCartman
Level 50: Magneto
Level 51: Sub-Zero
Level 52: Jasmine
Level 53: Krusty
Level 54: JackSparrow
Level 55: Luigi
Level 56: Rapunzel
Level 57: CatWoman
Level 58: OliveOyl
Level 59: PorkyPig
Level 60: PeterPan
Level 61: RobinHood
Level 62: Spyro
Level 63: Zorro
Level 64: Yoda
Level 65: YogiBear
Level 66: Bluto
Level 67: Cyclops
Level 68: Remy
Level 69: Baloo
Level 70: Nemo
Level 71: Hercules
Level 72: He-Man
Level 73: Rango
Level 74: Tarzan
Level 75: Sid
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