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Guess The Football Star All Level Answers

Guess The Football Star All Level Answer
Solutions for Guess The Football Star for Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod. The game is developed by Gamiana. If you are stuck then use our answer to help solve the difficult soccer star puzzles. The task of the game is to look at the picture and then try guess the football player. If you can’t find the answer below, then leave a comment below to get help. There are also built-in hints to help you out. So use the walkthrough guide or cheats to advance in the game.
Stay tuned for more answers! The game is new and levels needs to be solved. Please help us if you like :)
Guess The Football Star Answers:
Level 1: C Ronaldo
Level 2: Wayne Rooney
Level 3: Zidane
Level 4: Ronaldinho
Level 5: Iniesta
Level 6: Lionel Messi
Level 7: Neymar
Level 8: Suarez
Level 9: Drogba
Level 10: Fellaini
Level 11: Ilkay Gundogan
Level 12: Ibrahimovic
Level 13: David Beckham
Level 14: Pirlo
Level 15: Philipp Lahm
Level 16: Radamel Falcao
Level 17: Garath Bale
Level 18: Pele
Level 19: Schweinsteiger
Level 20: Gerard Pique
Level 21: Robert Van Persie
Level 22: Hamsik
Level 23: Xavi
Level 24: Cavani
Level 25: Buffon
Level 26: Lampard
Level 27: David Silva
Level 28: Arjen Robben
Level 29: Baggio
Level 30: Turan
Level 31: Ozil
Level 32: Dante
Level 33: Joe Hart
Level 34: Cazorla
Level 35: Park Ji-Sung
Level 36: Balotelli
Level 37: Klose
Level 38: Juan Mata
Level 39: Johan Cruijff
Level 40: Modric
Level 41: Hulk
Level 42: Eriksen
Level 43: Kagawa
Level 44: Thiago Silva
Level 45: Ashley Cole
Level 46: Chiellini
Level 47: Ballack
Level 48: Ribery
Level 49: Yaya Toure
Level 50: David Luiz
Level 51: Petr Cech
Level 52: Kompany
Level 53: Ferdinand
Level 54: Mats Hummels
Level 55: Nakamura
Level 56: Ronaldo
Level 57: Shaarawy
Level 58: Michael Owen
Level 59: Mario Gotze
Level 60: Maradona
Level 61: Oscar
Level 62: Javi Martinez
Level 63: Totti
Level 64: Jermain Defoe
Level 65: Milla
Level 66: John Tery
Level 67: Muller
Level 68: Kaka
Level 69: Courtois
Level 70: Aguero

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