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Guess the Shadow Pair Quiz Answers All Levels

Guess the Shadow Pair Quiz Answers, Solutions & Cheats.
All of this can be found here at guidesetc.com. In this game you will need to guess not only one but two shadow shapes that’s in some way related. They might be from the same cartoon, comic or games. The fact that there is two of them might make it easier for you, but if you are stuck on one of the levels (or more) we hope this puzzle game guide will be able to help you out.
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The game has been created by AllinaDaysPlay and is quite new, so there’s still lots of time to be the first of your friends to complete it.

Guess the Shadow Pair Quiz Answers, Solutions & Cheats

Guess the Shadow Pair Quiz Answers Level 1-75:
Level 1: Tom Jerry
Level 2: Shrek Donkey
Level 3: Donald Mickey
Level 4: Thor Loki
Level 5: Timon Pumbaa
Level 6: Walle Eve
Level 7: Superman Lex
Level 8: Scooby Shaggy
Level 9: Richie Dollar
Level 10: Popeye Olive
Level 11: Goofy Pluto
Level 12: Homer Marge
Level 13: Ash Pikachu
Level 14: Diego Sid
Level 15: Fred Barney
Level 16: Mario Luigi
Level 17: Naruto Sasuke
Level 18: Mike Sulley
Level 19: Mowgli Baloo
Level 20: Neo Trinity
Level 21: Tigger Winnie
Level 22: Goku Vegeta
Level 23: Deedee Dexter
Level 24: Dog Cat
Level 25: Bugs Daffy
Level 26: Betty Veronica
Level 27: Buzz Woody
Level 28: Chip Dale
Level 29: Edd Eddie
Level 30: Ken Barbie
Level 31: Yogi Booboo
Level 32: Phineas Ferb
Level 33: Aladdin Genie
Level 34: Aang Katara
Level 35: Tintin Snowy
Level 36: Yoda Obiwan
Level 37: Cartman Kenny
Level 38: Batman Robin
Level 39: Abu Iago
Level 40: Ariel Eric
Level 41: George Ape
Level 42: Gohan Piccolo
Level 43: Gru Minion
Level 44: Tarzan Jane
Level 45: Jack Aku
Level 46: McQueen Mater
Level 47: Ken Ryu
Level 48: Miguel Tulio
Level 49: Remy Linguini
Level 50: Mojojojo Him
Level 51: Mask Milo
Level 52: L Light
Level 53: Garfield Odie
Level 54: T-Bone Razor
Level 55: Johnny Carl
Level 56: Roger Eddie
Level 57: Carl Russel
Level 58: Crash Cortex
Level 59: Oswald Weenie
Level 60: Brain Pinky
Level 61: Raven Starfire
Level 62: Lilo Stitch
Level 63: Kermit Piggy
Level 64: Huey Riley
Level 65: Gadget Penny
Level 66: Tweety Granny
Level 67: Courage Muriel
Level 68: Astroboy Tenma
Level 69: Alvin Simon
Level 70: Chuckie Tommy
Level 71: Stewie Brian
Level 72: Mushu Mulan
Level 73: Mac Bloo
Level 74: Misty Psyduck
Level 75: Bean Teddy