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Guess The Idiom Answers All Levels

Guess The Idiom Answers, Solutions and Cheats for iPhone (iOS) and Android. If you are stuck and need help with a puzzle level, then use our walkthrough guide. Your task is to figure out the common phrase or saying that is illustrated in the drawing. The pictures are fun with a simple to make you have fun for hours. Som of the images or icons might be hard to solve, so then it’s nice to have all the solutions by your hand. Most of the sayings you might know and use but never really think about it, that’s why this game is a fun brain teasing quiz game. To complete the game simply solve the levels by deducing the meaning behind the drawing and fill in the blanks. The game app is available on iTunes and google Play and is created by Conversion/Random Logic Games. Hope you will enjoy our Guess The Idiom Answers.
Guess The Idiom Answers All Levels

Guess The Idiom Answers, Solutions and Cheats All Levels

Guess The Idiom Answers Levels 1-20:
Guess The Idiom Answers Level 1
Level 1-1: Piece of cake
Level 1-2: Dime a dozen
Level 1-3: Cry wolf
Level 1-4: Cup of Joe
Level 1-5: Cut the cheese
Level 1-6: Drive me nuts
Level 1-7: Fish out of water
Level 1-8: Flea market
Level 1-9: High and dry
Level 1-10: In a pickle
Guess The Idiom Answers Level 2
Level 2-1: Jumping the gun
Level 2-2: Head over heels
Level 2-3: Hit below the belt
Level 2-4: I smell a rat
Level 2-5: In the red
Level 2-6: Top drawer
Level 2-7: Chew the fat
Level 2-8: Ducks in a row
Level 2-9: Night owl
Level 2-10: Long in the tooth
Guess The Idiom Answers Level 3
Level 3-1: Love birds
Level 3-2: Upgrade
Level 3-3: Smoking gun
Level 3-4: Needle in a haystack
Level 3-5: On cloud nine
Level 3-6: Greased lightning
Level 3-7: Out on a limb
Level 3-8: Fist pump
Level 3-9: Playing for keeps
Level 3-10: Plot thickens
Guess The Idiom Answers Level 4
Level 4-1: Quality time
Level 4-2: Under the weather
Level 4-3: Ride him cowboy
Level 4-4: Not on my watch
Level 4-5: Scot free
Level 4-6: Talk the talk
Level 4-7: Theres no I in team
Level 4-8: You only live once
Level 4-9: Tug of war
Level 4-10: Red Herring
Guess The Idiom Answers Level 5
Level 5-1: Ugly duckling
Level 5-2: Under your nose
Level 5-3: Throw in the towel
Level 5-4: Sunday funday
Level 5-5: Bite the bullet
Level 5-6: Caught red handed
Level 5-7: Cold turkey
Level 5-8: Jaywalker
Level 5-9: Kick the bucket
Level 5-10: Bucket list
Guess The Idiom Answers Level 6
Level 6-1: Rule of thumb
Level 6-2: Saved by the bell
Level 6-3: Drop in the bucket
Level 6-4: Foot in the door
Level 6-5: Pig in a poke
Level 6-6: Straight laced
Level 6-7: Lady in red
Level 6-8: About face
Level 6-9: Overboard
Level 6-10: Ace in the hole
Guess The Idiom Answers Level 7
Level 7-1: Third wheel
Level 7-2: When pigs fly
Level 7-3: Whats up doc
Level 7-4: Walk the plank
Level 7-5: Upside down
Level 7-6: Trick or treat
Level 7-7: Top notch
Level 7-8: Elbow room
Level 7-9: The bees knees
Level 7-10: Shark week
Guess The Idiom Answers Level 8
Level 8-1: Apple of my eye
Level 8-2: Spelling bee
Level 8-3: Kissed by a rose
Level 8-4: Pop goes the weasel
Level 8-5: Silver bullet
Level 8-6: Piggyback
Level 8-7: Say cheese
Level 8-8: Blue moon
Level 8-9: Sick puppy
Level 8-10: On the ball
Guess The Idiom Answers Level 9
Level 9-1: Holy Cow
Level 9-2: Save Face
Level 9-3: Play by ear
Level 9-4: Push the envelope
Level 9-5: Goody two shoes
Level 9-6: Riding shotgun
Level 9-7: Chill out
Level 9-8: Cry over split milk
Level 9-9: Eye for an eye
Level 9-10: Knuckle down
Guess The Idiom Answers Level 10
Level 10-1: Fight fire with fire
Level 10-2: Fit as a fiddle
Level 10-3: Talk to the hand
Level 10-4: Sleep tight
Level 10-5: Arm and a leg
Level 10-6: Whole hearted
Level 10-7: Hands down
Level 10-8: Hear Hear
Level 10-9: Cut to the chase
Level 10-10: The last straw
Guess The Idiom Answers Level 11
Level 11-1: Know the ropes
Level 11-2: Jaws of death
Level 11-3: Quick and dirty
Level 11-4: One for the road
Level 11-5: Alive and kicking
Level 11-6: Down for the count
Level 11-7: Bang for your buck
Level 11-8: Shot in the dark
Level 11-9: Word for word
Level 11-10: Happy as a clam
Guess The Idiom Answers Level 12
Level 12-1: Tough it out
Level 12-2: Fate worse than death
Level 12-3: The bitter end
Level 12-4: Dropping like flies
Level 12-5: Feather in ones cap
Level 12-6: Beating a dead horse
Level 12-7: Close but no cigar
Level 12-8: The dark side
Level 12-9: Son of a gun
Level 12-10: Lovey Dovey
Guess The Idiom Answers Level 13
Level 13-1: Think positive
Level 13-2: Eat my hat
Level 13-3: Easy as pie
Level 13-4: On the same page
Level 13-5: I understand
Level 13-6: Eat humble pie
Level 13-7: Dead ringer
Level 13-8: The jig is up
Level 13-9: Security blanket
Level 13-10: All greek to me
Guess The Idiom Answers Level 14
Level 14-1: Two peas in a pod
Level 14-2: Ahead of his time
Level 14-3: Toe the line
Level 14-4: Back to square one
Level 14-5: Read em and weep
Level 14-6: Mouth watering
Level 14-7: Put your dukes up
Level 14-8: The whole 9 yards
Level 14-9: Burst your bubble
Level 14-10: Weakest link
Guess The Idiom Answers Level 15
Level 15-1: Off his rocker
Level 15-2: Hard pill to swallow
Level 15-3: Step brothers
Level 15-4: No brainer
Level 15-5: Wing it
Level 15-6: No dice
Level 15-7: To the bat mobile
Level 15-8: Paperback
Level 15-9: Killing it
Level 15-10: No spring chicken
Guess The Idiom Answers Level 16
Level 16-1: Drawing a blank
Level 16-2: Wake up call
Level 16-3: Diamond in the rough
Level 16-4: Fools gold
Level 16-5: Pipe dream
Level 16-6: Down to earth
Level 16-7: Knock your socks off
Level 16-8: Put a sock in it
Level 16-9: Down to the wire
Level 16-10: Butter you up
Guess The Idiom Answers Level 17
Level 17-1: Keep on truckin
Level 17-2: Let her rip
Level 17-3: Pleased as punch
Level 17-4: Tongue in cheek
Level 17-5: Spill the beans
Level 17-6: Fools paradise
Level 17-7: Crack of dawn
Level 17-8: Right off the bat
Level 17-9: One tough cookie
Level 17-10: Tie the knot
Guess The Idiom Answers Level 18
Level 18-1: Rack your brain
Level 18-2: Rubbed the wrong way
Level 18-3: Up in arms
Level 18-4: Shooot the breeze
Level 18-5: Heads up
Level 18-6: Rock bottom
Level 18-7: Let your hair down
Level 18-8: Sight for sore eyes
Level 18-9: Toot your own horn
Level 18-10: Cross eyed
Guess The Idiom Answers Level 19
Level 19-1: Quick on the draw
Level 19-2: Not my cup of tea
Level 19-3: Silence is golden
Level 19-4: Give a man a fish
Level 19-5: Wild goose chase
Level 19-6: Foaming at the mouth
Level 19-7: Not rocket science
Level 19-8: Eye of the beholder
Level 19-9: Lickety split
Level 19-10: Thick and thin
Guess The Idiom Answers Level 20
Level 20-1: Off ones base
Level 20-2: Dumb and dumber
Level 20-3: The sky is the limit
Level 20-4: Go for broke
Level 20-5: Break the ice
Level 20-6: Point blank
Level 20-7: Wouldnt harm a fly
Level 20-8: Second guess
Level 20-9: Mistletoe
Level 20-10: Shiver me timbers