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Halloween Quiz Level 1-20 Answers

halloween quizAre you looking for answers for the game Halloween Quiz by Apprope for iPhone, iPad or iPod?
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In this game you’ll see 4 pictures that’s some how connected to Halloween, and from that, and the available letters you will have to try and guess the solution.
If some of them are hard, you could just browse through this guide for the first 20 of the levels.
Level 1: Pumpkin
Level 2: Witch
Level 3: Dracula
Level 4: Zombie
Level 5: Rat
Level 6: Ghost
Level 7: Mummy
Level 8: Autumn
Level 9: Pirate
Level 10: Vampire
Level 11: Devil
Level 12: Wizard
Level 13: Skeleton
Level 14: Freddy Kruger
Level 15: Spider
Level 16: Voodoo
Level 17: The Ring
Level 18: Norman Bates
Level 19: Cemetery
Level 20: Jack O Lantern
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