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Halloween Quiz Level 21-40 Answers

Searching for a guide with all the solutions for level 21-40 of the game Halloween Quiz by Apprope?
We got that for you, right here at guidesetc.com.
This Halloween themed quiz game is super fun, if you enjoy games where you’ll get 4 pics and have to guess a word.
halloween quiz
Simply scroll down a bit and find the level you’re stuck in. If you didn’t download the game yet, there’s a download link for you in the bottom.
Level 21: Scream
Level 22: Trick or Treat
Level 23: Werewolf
Level 24: Chucky
Level 25: The Shining
Level 26: Jaws
Level 27: Dr. Jekyll
Level 28: Alien
Level 29: Grim Reaper
Level 30: The Joker
Level 31: Sweeney Todd
Level 32: Bateman
Level 33: Bat
Level 34: Slender Man
Level 35: Cujo
Level 36: Monster
Level 37: Michael Myers
Level 38: Pinhead
Level 39: Blair Witch
Level 40: Haunted House
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