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Hay Day Add Friends To Get More Help

Are you playing Hay Day and sometimes find yourself in need of a helping hand with that one order on the boat? Or maybe just some trees or bushes that needs clicking? Well then just add your GameCenter tag in the bottom of this post, and it will be shared with all the users of guidesetc.com. Sometimes it can be really helpful to have more friends on Hay Day as it will usually really speed up the process of getting your boat orders finished, maybe even sold those items in your store or just because more friends actually unlocks more slots in your store. Hay Day has been created by SuperCell, and it is probably one of the most downloaded and played games on the entire AppStore. So if you haven’t played it yet, you should, as there might be a reason why so many people just love this time consuming game.
Also as a tip you can connect your farm with Facebook in order to join all your Facebook friends that’s also playing the game. Or you can follow up to 5 farms at any given time.
Hay Day Add Friends

Hay Day Add Friends

So simply share your GameCenter tag in the bottom, and hopefully that will give you some new friends to help and play with in no time. It’s worth a try, right?