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Help for Icomania Level 11 Game Answers 359-403

Cheats and solutions for Icomania by Games for Friends GmbH Level 11 for iPhone and Android. This walkthrough features a complete list of answers that will help you, if you are stuck on a picture. There are currently 494 puzzle words and 14 levels for this popular game.
The Pictures are random on each level, so to make it easier for you the puzzles have been sorted by category. The answers below should be able to help you out and give you a clue. Just leave a comment if you need any help or advice.
Level 11-359 brand: Allianz
Level 11-360 brand: UPS
Level 11-361 brand: Siemens
Level 11-362 brand: Pringles
Level 11-363 brand: Bayer
Level 11-364 brand: Cisco
Level 11-365 brand: Armani
Level 11-366 brand: Volvo
Level 11-367 brand: Oracle
Level 11-368 brand: Oral B
Level 11-369 character: Alvin
Level 11-370 character: Joker
Level 11-371 character: Edward
Level 11-372 character: Mr. Bean
Level 11-373 character: Tony Soprano
Level 11-374 character: Mulder & Scully
Level 11-375 character: Papa Smurf
Level 11-376 character: Borat
Level 11-377 character: Uma Thurman
Level 11-378 character: Aniston
Level 11-379 character: Streisand
Level 11-380 character: Megan Fox
Level 11-381 character: Lady Gaga
Level 11-382 character: Shakira
Level 11-383 character: Sandra Bullock
Level 11-384 character: Mick Jagger
Level 11-385 character: Hugh Grant
Level 11-386 character: Nelson Mandela
Level 11-387 character: Nicolas Cage
Level 11-388 city: Buenos Aires
Level 11-389 city: Madrid
Level 11-390 city: Barcelona
Level 11-391 city: Jerusalum
Level 11-392 city: Miami
Level 11-393 city: Phila Delphia
Level 11-394 city: Venice
Level 11-395 country: Jordan
Level 11-396 famous People: Zeta Jones
Level 11-397 tv & movies: Die Hard
Level 11-398 tv & movies: Scarface
Level 11-399 tv & movies: The Sixth Sense
Level 11-400 tv & movies: Columbo
Level 11-401 tv & movies: Rocky
Level 11-402 tv & movies: Brave Heart
Level 11-403 tv & movies: Gladiator
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