Hi Guess the Food Level 7 Answers and Solutions

Hi Guess the Food
Now we’re giving you a complete guide for level 7 of the game Hi Guess the Food by Man Zhang.
In this game you will see some food, and will have to guess what the name of that specific product is. Enjoy!
Level 7-61 Answer: Smuckers
Level 7-62 Answer: Aunt Jemima
Level 7-63 Answer: Ruffles
Level 7-64 Answer: Dr Pepper
Level 7-65 Answer: Frenchs
Level 7-66 Answer: Swiss Miss
Level 7-67 Answer: Triscuit
Level 7-68 Answer: Sour Patch
Level 7-69 Answer: Sodastream
Level 7-70 Answer: Ginger Man