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Hi Guess the Restaurant Level 6 Answers

Are you looking for an online guide that can help you with all the answers for level 6 of the game Hi Guess the Restaurant by Man Zhang?
You won’t have to look any longer. We got all the solutions you will need in order to complete this 6th level of this fun game.
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Level 6-44 Answer: Round Table
Level 6-45 Answer: Hooters
Level 6-46 Answer: Chick Fil A
Level 6-47 Answer: The Mad Greek
Level 6-48 Answer: Steak n Shake
Level 6-49 Answer: Quick
Level 6-50 Answer: Quiznos Sub
Level 6-51 Answer: Bojangles
Level 6-52 Answer: Nandos
Level 6-53 Answer: Zaxbys