Hi Guess the Character Level 6 Answers 132-160

Hi Guess the Place Answers
We have solutions for Hi Guess the Character Level 6 Answers #132 – #160 for Android, iPhone, iPod and iPad. This fantastic game is developed by Man Zhang for iTunes and Google Play.
Travel around the world with beautiful picture puzzles. Watch a beautiful image and guess which Character it is. If you can’t guess them all, don’t worry we have answers for you below. If we don’t have some of the answers for the levels, please feel free to share them in the comments area.
Hi Guess the Character Level 6 Answers 132-160:
Level 132: Kyle
Level 133: Mega Man
Level 134: Eeyore
Level 135: Dante
Level 136: Adrian Monk
Level 137: Green Lantern
Level 138: Meredith Grey
Level 139: Mater
Level 140: Casper
Level 141: Simon
Level 142: Bugs Bunny
Level 143: Jerry Maquire
Level 144: Wonder Woman
Level 145: John Mcclane
Level 146: Manny
Level 147: Morpheus
Level 148: Marty
Level 149: Frank Martin
Level 150: Bubbles
Level 151: Captain Kirk
Level 152: Spartacus
Level 153: Scooby Doo
Level 154: Hermione
Level 155: Swampy
Level 156: James Bond
Level 157: Simba
Level 158: Sylvester
Level 159: Donkey Kong
Level 160: Jerry Seinfeld