Hi Guess the Pic – Level 1 All Answers

Cheats for Hi Guess the Pic – Level 1 Answers 1-10. The app is created by CamMax and works with Android. Can you guess what it is? It’s an ordinary object, but you can only see a part of it. Hundreds of puzzles are waiting for you and we will keep updating the answers. This game is simple, instant fun, adictive, big fun! Every puzzle is a zoomed-in picture that makes ordinary objects extraordinary. Well-selected pictures offer you the perfect visual enjoyment. Continuous version updates always add new puzzles for players. Your fun never ends with Hi Guess the Pic!
Stuck in one puzzle? We have the solutions below for you.
Hi Guess the Pic – Level 1 Answers 1-10:
Answer Level 1: Puppy
Answer Level 2: Butterfly
Answer Level 3: Lime
Answer Level 4: Strawberry
Answer Level 5: Icecream
Answer Level 6: Banana
Answer Level 7: Onion
Answer Level 8: Piggy
Answer Level 9: Gift
Answer Level 10: Baseball