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Hi Guess the Place Level 2 Answers 12-41

We have solutions for Hi Guess the Place Level 2 Answers 12-41 for Android, iPhone, iPod and iPad. The game app is developed by Man Zhang for iTunes and Google Play.
Travel around the world with beautiful picture puzzles. Watch a beautiful image and guess which place it is. Now test how many countries and cities you can recognize with Hi Guess the Place. If you can’t guess them all, don’t worry we have answers for you below. If we don’t have some of the answers for the levels, please feel free to share them in the comments area.
Hi Guess the Place Answers
12 City Houston
13 City Barcelona
14 Country Egypt
15 City Madrid
16 Country Saudi Arabia
17 City Beijing
18 City London
19 City Buenos Aires
20 Country Dubai
21 City Pisa
22 Country France
23 City Berlin
24 Country Netherlands
25 City Amsterdam
26 Country Bulgaria
27 City Seattle
28 City Washington
29 City Moscow
30 City Cairo
31 Country Norway
32 Country Cuba
33 City Rio De Janeiro
34 City Mecca
35 City Miami
36 Country Switzerland
37 Country Greece
38 Country United Kingdom
39 City Rome
40 City Ottawa
41 Country Singapore