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Hi Guess Who Answers Level 1

Hi Guess Who Answers
Solutions for Hi Guess Who Answers Level 1. The app is created by CamMax and works with Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod. If you need help and are stuck on a level or image, then use the walkthrough below. Hundreds of famous people are waiting for you to be answered. Can you recognize them all?
Enjoy the puzzle fun immediately. You’ve seen them on TV, movies, books and magazines. But can you recognize them from our funny images? Well-designed images offer you the perfect visual enjoyment. Continuous version updates always add new puzzles for players. So stay tuned for updated answers aswell. Your fun never ends with Hi Guess Who! Stuck in one puzzle and we don’t have the answer? Just leave a comment below. Or post puzzles you have solved to let your friends guess. Challenge them to see who know more famous people!
Hi Guess Who Answers Level #1:
Hi Guess Who Answer 1-1 Chaplin
Hi Guess Who Answer 1-2 Einsten
Hi Guess Who Answer 1-3 Elvis
Hi Guess Who Answer 1-4 Lady Gaga
Hi Guess Who Answer 1-5 Lebron James
Hi Guess Who Answer 1-6 Lincoln
Hi Guess Who Answer 1-7 Michael Jackson
Hi Guess Who Answer 1-8 Napoleon
Hi Guess Who Answer 1-9 Obama
Hi Guess Who Answer 1-10 Steve Jobs