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Hollow Words – Answers for (First Set) Level 1-25

Solutions for Hollow Words – First Set level #1-#50 for iPhone (iOS) and Android. This amazing word picture game app is made by James Porter. The app is optimized for iPhone 5. So if you are stucked on one of the levels in the game, then use our answers below. This will help you advance in this fun game.
We will keep updating you with our latest answers, but please feel free to help us. You can leave a comment below with answers to levels we haven’t solved. Thanks!
Walkthrough Hollow Words level 1-25:
Solution 1: Head over heels
Solution 2: Adverb
Solution 3: Half empty
Solution 4: Square Meal
Solution 5: Amaze
Solution 6: Two peas in a pod
Solution 7: Lickety split
Solution 8: Equal right
Solution 9: Banana split
Solution 10: Crossroads
Solution 11: Pink slip
Solution 12: Mixed blessings
Solution 13: Beat around the bush
Solution 14: One in a million
Solution 15: Queen bee
Solution 16: Pinstripe
Solution 17: Life after death
Solution 18: Come up for air
Solution 19: Grain of salt
Solution 20: Average Joe
Solution 21: Fifth wheel
Solution 22: Antifreeze
Solution 23: Carpet
Solution 24: Split Headache
Solution 25: Domino
Credits to the following people for helping us out:
Dillon A. Jesso