I Love Crosswords Answers All Levels

A new crossword where you guess the words and solve all levels. You can tap a picture to zoom in. Some answers are easy and some are tricky. We love this crossword game with pics and images. There are hundreds of crosswords to solve. Play in English, French, German, Russian, Italian, or Spanish. If you like word puzzles then find the answers below. Need help with a word for the game by Second Gear Games.
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I Love Crosswords Answers All Levels

I Love Crosswords Answers All Levels

Enjoy the gameplay and game guide below.

I Love Crosswords Answers Level 1

#1: shutters, aircraft, peace, chocolate, eggs, wolf, pier, antlers, banquet, saxophone, knot, barge, tent, market.
#2: hearts, fruits, grapefruit, raspberries, cantaloupe, kiwi, strawberries, salad, grapes.
#3: scarf, snow, coat, red, snowflakes, stripes, light, winter, gloves,
#4: chime, dragonfly, antarctica, cake, jar, owl, bark, walnut, albino, glove, Leonids, butterfly.
#5: legs, port, boats, leather, horizon, zipper, mountains, boots, skin.
#6: fruits, spoon, strawberries, milk, pink, table, napkin, roses.
#7: scales, bobbin, drone, garlic, copper, trap, hourglass, crystal, triangle, belt, turtle, lilac.
#8: wings, flowers, christmas, fire, decoration, flames, fireplace, wreath, angel.
#9: mushroom, fox, autumn, acorn, owl, wood, hedgehog, leaves.
#10: cinnamon, graffiti, coal, onions, africa, photography, ingots, coins, tulip, umbrella.

I Love Crosswords Answers Level 2

#1: dessert, glass, balls, jute, mousse, chocolate, cocoa, cream, berries.
#2: fruits, violin, flowers, chair, forest, dress, wreath, books, table.
#3: honeycomb, marriage, hamburger, castle, cockerel, chickpeas, table, residence, swan, plum, straw, truck, swing, blueberry.
#4: gift, package, pine, twine, wood, cinnamon, candle, fir, walnut, hazelnut.
#5: wallet, eggs, charger, omelette, mushroom, water, napkins, phone, sausages, breakfast, beans, coffee, butter.
#6: bear, lamp, feathers, dentist, mansion, three, strawberry, piglet, orbit, pollen, vase, laboratory, telescope, red.
#7: mold, kettle, muffins, grater, cups, shelf, antique, tray.
#8: sleigh, girl, smoke, snow, reindeer, train, locomotive, moon, tracks, santa, stars, fog.
#9: jellyfish, corals, tango, otter, horseshoe, armour, chick, rust, statue, marmot, rake, hive.
#10: pen, fork, plastic, rope, tape, bottle, disc, calculator, knife, water, timer.

I Love Crosswords Answers Level 3

#1: corn, calcium, carpet, costume, building, cream, collection, beans, cactus, coat, groundhog, butter, cathedral, crab, abacus, cook, clown, alphabet.
#2: toothpick, cubes, cheese, olives, peanuts, meat, ham, bread, salami, chips, yogurt, table.
#3: wool, cap, gloves, warmth, stars, scarf, sweater, winter, bear.
#4: yellow, felids, amber, cat, tree, sunset, leaves, sun, silhouette, shadow.
#5: horse, mast, scarecrow, dip, disaster, cymbal, hunter, cuba, crust, triangle, dance, diary, sunflower, mint, crystal, ice.
#6: planet, mural, ghost, logo, breakfast, muesli, cobweb, kiwi, greenery, raspberry, bell, angel.
#7: apron, temperature, coffee, waitress, machine, cup, beans, espresso.
#8: grapes, watermelon, bowl, salad, keyboard, orange, pineapple, blueberries.
#9: rosemary, mother, Munich, cereal, capital, Einstein, movie, vineyard, sharpener, sheet, Sahara, nest, clay, room.
#10: orchard, red, green, ladder, tree, barrels, harvest, apples.

I Love Crosswords Answers Level 4

#1: milk, seal, tick, ship, diamond, pregnancy, buddha, diabetes, slices, shirt, ballet, bison.
#2: lens, elephant, rodent, clamp, leopard, salmon, noodles, ferocious, frost, lychee, bathtub.
#3: coffee, breakfast, orange, juice, bed, couple, cereals, cups, tray, pillows, toasts, lovers, kiss.
#4: mammal, ivory, tusk, water, ears, man, backpack, elephant, clouds.
#5: couple, duck, mushroom, tarantula, cork, triumph, spices, miniature, chess, fog, tiger, sweets.
#6: herbs, laurel, jars, paprika, leaves, pepper, plank, spices.
#7: anise, silver, candle, christmas, snow, ornaments, lantern, heart.
#8: tickets, leaves, petals, numbers, flowers, stem, thorns, marble, roses.
#9: spatula, braids, pumpkin, orange, wood, squash, pepita, seeds, soup, cloth.
#10: strength, tights, dance, windows, ballroom, chandelier, dancers, ballet, ballerina, walls.

I Love Crosswords Answers Level 5

#1: squirrel, Alaska, snail, cogwheel, broccoli, cocoa, meerkat, antique, hygiene, moon, banana, bandages.
#2: sun, ale, bubble, barista, antelopes, ape, cursive, grasshopper, kale, guitarist.
#3: bird, mushrooms, potatoes, peppers, carrots, rosemary, vegetables, lentils, chives.
#4: eggs, hamburgers, bread, pretzels, potatoes, farfalle, pizza, ketchup, soup, olives.
#5: windows, desk, chart, office, eyeglasses, view, contract, pens, business, chair.
#6: clover, wall, tuber, hen, cellar, archery, hedgehog, dolphin, beetle, schooner.
#7: shell, dessert, hymnal, origami, cue, rotunda, cue, hexagon, lynx, snorkel, ceiling, scent.
#8: bowl, jute. basil, ingredients, fork, tomatoes, garlic, oil, pasta, spices.
#9: nose, lips, head, eyelashes, shoulder, arm, neck, message, relaxation, hands, hair, seashell.
#10: market, jewelry, bracelet, shopping, alley, tourists, hat, handbag, dress, pavement, straw.

I Love Crosswords Answers Level 6

#1: toddler, bee, park, plush, boy, playground, sand, toys.
#2: broom, cherries, captivity, bucket, bleachers, sugar, glass, beads, roof, chopsticks, racing, cookies.
#3: shell, animal, reptile, trunk, zoo, exoskeleton, turtle
#4: pots, television, books, turntable, table, bookshelf, plants, couch, chair, rug.
#5: buildings, girl, sky, city, swing.
#6: fence, cables, water, binoculars, waterfall, observation, bridge, tourism, conifers,
#7: tablecloth, skates, salmon, stars, plate, lights, mittens, snowflake, appetizers, stockings, ornaments.
#8: fireplace, target, smoke, hieroglyphs, bridge, tureen, tiramisu, carriage, guinea fowl, pram, magnolia, seeds, waterfall, wreath.
#9: customers, chairs, lights, tables, chairs, cake, restaurant, chocolate,
#10: ferret, sculpture, zebra, caterpillar, tripod, sausages, actress, boots, dandelion, painting, scallop, pond.