Icofrenzia Answers All Levels and Icons

Icofrenzia Answers, Solutions and Cheats. Need help with puzzle for the game by Apps Club X? We’ve solved all icons and pictures. The app supports Android, iPhone, iPad, and iPod (iOS). Download the game from iTunes and Google Play App Store. The game is free to play so hurry up and get it. Hopefully you are able to complete the game. Icofrenzia is one of the most simple but tricky fun game.
Icofrenzia is a great game that we create especially for you who like challenges and is useful to hone your knowledge and ability in analyzing. This game have many categories which will not only test your brain from single category only, it will test from different categories. Challenge yourself to see how many you can solve the icons. This app is just not about challenging you; it’s all about to make your brain tricky and problem solver.
The game features more than 500 icons. The more icons you solve the harder the icons will be. With each correct answer you get a Joker. Play this puzzle game icofrenzia. Playing the game isn’t simple, you see the icon and you have to guess the icon from 14 different letters. The following categories are available: Brand, Famous People, TV & Movies, Characters, Country, Cities. You are presented with an icon and you write the word according to the icon. Reveal a letter or delete some unused letters from the given letters. You need the right question to advance in the game. There will be more categories available with updates. Guessing the words with fun pictures. There will be more icons and logos to come.
Icofrenzia Answers

Icofrenzia Answers and Solutions

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