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Icomania Guess the Icon Answers Level 1–50

Walkthrough and cheats for Icomania Guess the Icon Answers Level 1–50 for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android. These hints, tips and solutions will help you finish the game. The game is developed by Nisavac Wallpapersand made for all fans of “logo quizzes” and trivia puzzle games.
Level 1 brand Disney
Level 2 country USA
Level 3 charater Superman
Level 4 movie Brave
Level 5 brand Facebook
Level 6 country Mexico
Level 7 charater Batman
Level 8 movie Rocky
Level 9 brand Apple
Level 10 country France
Level 11 charater Harry
Level 12 movie Matrix
Level 13 brand Sony
Level 14 country Brazil
Level 15 charater Shrek
Level 16 movie Braveheart
Level 17 brand Windows
Level 18 country China
Level 19 charater Yoda
Level 20 movie Avengers
Level 21 brand MCDonalds
Level 22 country Australia
Level 23 charater Joker
Level 24 charater Leia
Level 25 country Italy
Level 26 charater Cartman
Level 27 charater Nintendo
Level 28 charater Tweety
Level 29 country Greece
Level 30 charater Garfield
Level 31 brand Adidas
Level 32 country India
Level 33 charater Buzz
Level 34 movie Terminator
Level 35 brand Nike
Level 36 country Spain
Level 37 charater Neo
Level 38 movie Titanic
Level 39 brand Nescafe
Level 40 country Russia
Level 41 charater Spongebob
Level 42 movie Skyfall
Level 43 brand Pampers
Level 44 country Japan
Level 45 charater Walle
Level 46 movie Aliens
Level 47 brand Canon
Level 48 country Germany
Level 49 movie Aladdin
Level 50 brand Rolex
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