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Icomania – Pop Icons Quiz Answers Stage 1 – Brands

Answers for Icomania Pop Icons Quiz Brands category. This guide will help you recognize your favorite brand on stage 1 – level 1-10. This walkthrough will help if you are stuck on a puzzle. This game is developed by RG Smart Apps LLC and is already very popular.
Icomania – Guess The Celeb! Enjoy watching icons and guessing which country, brand, character, movie, actor or singer it represents! Guess the words based on the icons you see and earn three coins for each level!
Get sufficient number of coins to use hints/cheats: remove and reveal letters!
You’re stuck and can’t find the mystery word? Just find the answer below. You can only skip a level two times.
Enjoy the walkthrough and this extremely fun and addictive game!
Icomania Pop Icons Quiz Answers Stage 1 Level 10/10:
Icomania brand S1-L1: McDonalds
Icomania brand S1-L2: Nintendo
Icomania brand S1-L3: Heineken
Icomania brand S1-L4: Nescafe
Icomania brand S1-L5: Nestle
Icomania brand S1-L6: Intel
Icomania brand S1-L7: BMW
Icomania brand S1-L8: Avon
Icomania brand S1-L9: Volkswagen
Icomania brand S1-L10: Nike