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Icon Pop Brain TV & Movies Answers All Levels

Icon Pop Brain TV & Movies Answers, cheats and Solutions All Icon levels for Android and iPhone (iOS). If you are stuck on category pack and need help with a challenging word puzzle, then use our guide below. Find the hidden part of your favorite Movies, TV Shows, Celebrities, and Fictional Characters. Slide over the letters to find the correct answer in the right order, and you will be able to clear the grid. The game app features hundreds of challenging word puzzles from three different Pop Culture categories.
The game app Icon Pop Brain is developed by Alegrium available on iTunes and Google Play. “ICON POP BRAIN is the new word puzzle from the makers of ICON POP QUIZ. So use our complete list of Icon Pop Brain Cheats as walkthrough. We have solved all level and packs. Hope you will enjoy our Icon Pop Brain TV & Movies Answers.
Icon Pop Brain Cheats All Levels
Category Packs available at the moment:
– TV & Movies
– Famous People
– Characters

Icon Pop Brain TV & Movies Answers, cheats and Solutions All Levels

Icon Pop Brain TV & Movies Answers Icons 1-90:
Icon Pop Brain TV & Movies Answers level 1:
Level 1-1: Ted
Level 1-2: Jaws
Level 1-3: Cars
Level 1-4: Lost
Level 1-5: Glee
Level 1-6: Shrek
Level 1-7: Rambo
Level 1-8: Frozen
Level 1-9: Titanic
Level 1-10: Ice Age
Icon Pop Brain TV & Movies Answers level 2:
Level 2-1: Monk
Level 2-2: Terminator
Level 2-3: Madagascar
Level 2-4: Die Hard
Level 2-5: Men In Black
Level 2-6: Star Wars
Level 2-7: Avatar
Level 2-8: The Hangover
Level 2-9: Home Alone
Level 2-10: King Kong
Level 2-11: Scarface
Level 2-12: The Matrix
Level 2-13: The Mask
Level 2-14: Family Guy
Level 2-15: American Pie
Level 2-16: Batman Forever
Level 2-17: The Avengers
Level 2-18: Toy Story
Level 2-19: Happy Feet
Level 2-20: The Simpsons
Icon Pop Brain TV & Movies Answers level 3:
Level 3-1: The Da Vinci Code
Level 3-2: Beauty And The Beast
Level 3-3: The Dark Knight
Level 3-4: Cast Away
Level 3-5: Sesame Street
Level 3-6: Iron Man
Level 3-7: The Hunger Games
Level 3-8: Night At The Museum
Level 3-9: The Lion King
Level 3-10: South Park
Level 3-11: Pretty Woman
Level 3-12: Meet The Fockers
Level 3-13: The Little Mermaid
Level 3-14: Jurrasic Park
Level 3-15: Twilight
Level 3-16: Breaking Bad
Level 3-17: Seabiscuit
Level 3-18: Bruce Almighty
Level 3-19: Game Of Thrones
Level 3-20: The Great Gatsby
Icon Pop Brain TV & Movies Answers level 4:
Level 4-1: Criminal Minds
Level 4-2: Doctor Dolittle
Level 4-3: The Walking Dead
Level 4-4: Guardian Of The Galaxy
Level 4-5: Looney Tunes
Level 4-6: The Hobbit
Level 4-7: American Hustle
Level 4-8: The Polar Express
Level 4-9: Finding Nemo
Level 4-10: Les Miserables
Level 4-11: True Detective
Level 4-12: Scary Movie
Level 4-13: The Longest Yard
Level 4-14: Catch Me If You Can
Level 4-15: Despicable Me
Level 4-16: Into The Woods
Level 4-17: Planet Of The Apes
Level 4-18: Downton Abbey
Level 4-19: Modern Family
Level 4-20: What Woman Want
Icon Pop Brain TV & Movies Answers level 5:
Level 5-1: Goodfellas
Level 5-2: Captain America
Level 5-3: Better Call Saul
Level 5-4: The Godfather
Level 5-5: The Blind Side
Level 5-6: Casino Royale
Level 5-7: Armageddon
Level 5-8: Pacific Rim
Level 5-9: The Smurfs
Level 5-10: Scrubs
Level 5-11: Rush Hour
Level 5-12: Saving Private Ryan
Level 5-13: Air Force One
Level 5-14: Star Trek
Level 5-15: Doctor Who
Level 5-16: Chicken Little
Level 5-17: Black Hawk Down
Level 5-18: American Sniper
Level 5-19: The Sopranos
Level 5-20: Mission Impossible