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Icon Pop Mania Answers Level 1

Answers for Icon Pop Mania level 1 answers #0 – #11.  The icon solutions are listed below and will help if you are stuck on a level. The game is developed by Alegrium and is very simular to Icomania and other “Mania” series games. I hope these cheats will help you complete this fun game.
The icons are random on each phone. It should be fairly easy to use the answers below, because of the few icons on each level. Just look at the number of letters and words.
The answers are sorted by category on each level to make it easy for for you :)
Icon Pop Mania Level 1 Answers 1-11:
Icon#: Category: Answer:
Answer Icon #0 brand Apple
Answer Icon #1 brand Coca Cola
Answer Icon #2 character Superman
Answer Icon #3 character Mickey Mouse
Answer Icon #4 city USA
Answer Icon #5 city Sydney
Answer Icon #6 city United Kingdom
Answer Icon #7 famous people Michael Jackson
Answer Icon #8 famous people PSY
Answer Icon #9 tv & movies Titanic
Answer Icon #10 tv & movies Iron Man
Answer Icon #11 tv & movies Captain America