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Infinite Pics 80s Movies Pack Level 0-99 Answers

Infinite Pics 80s Movies Pack Level 0-99 Answers, Solutions and Cheats for iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android. If you are stuck on this 80s Movies level pack and need help with a puzzle quiz picture to advance in the game, then use our Complete game walkthrough guide to help solve those difficult ones. The game is created by Random Logic Games / Conversion. Infinite Pics is the picture, icon, image guessing game that beats them all. The game features lots of fun with words, letters and trivia quiz gameplay. You put your word and picture/quiz skills to the test. Hope you will enjoy our Infinite Pics 80s Movies Pack Level 0-99 Answers. The game is available on iTunes and Google Play.
Infinite Pics 80s Movies Pack Level 0-99 Answers

Infinite Pics 80s Movies Pack Level 0-99 Answers, Cheats and Solutions

Infinite Pics 80s Movies Pack Level 0-99 Answers:
Level 0: The Goonies
Level 1: Pretty in pink
Level 2: Valley Girl
Level 3: Breakfast Club
Level 4: The temple of doom
Level 5: Top Gun
Level 6: Risky Business
Level 7: Sixteen Candles
Level 8: ET
Level 9: The Karate Kid
Level 10: Gremlins
Level 11: Beverly Hills Cop
Level 12: The Lost Boys
Level 13: Footloose
Level 14: Blade Runner
Level 15: Porkys
Level 16: When Harry met Sally
Level 17: Batman
Level 18: Romancing the stone
Level 19: 9 to 5
Level 20: Dead poets society
Level 21: Spaceballs
Level 22: Lethal weapon
Level 23: Witness
Level 24: Real genius
Level 25: Weird science
Level 26: Back to the future
Level 27: Dirty Dancing
Level 28: Platoon
Level 29: The Terminator
Level 30: Labyrinth
Level 31: Legend
Level 32: License to drive
Level 33: Flashdance
Level 34: Splash
Level 35: Working Girl
Level 36: Roxanne
Level 37: Ruthless people
Level 38: St Elmos Fire
Level 39: Mannequin
Level 40: Weekend at Bernies
Level 41: Die Hard
Level 42: Raising Arizona
Level 43: Terms of endearment
Level 44: The little mermaid
Level 45: Field of Dreams
Level 46: Moonstruck
Level 47: Coming to America
Level 48: Stand by me
Level 49: Above the law
Level 50: The abyss
Level 51: Akira
Level 52: The secret of Nimh
Level 53: The last unicorn
Level 54: Annie
Level 55: The Fly
Level 56: Armed and dangerous
Level 57: Steel magnolias
Level 58: Beaches
Level 59: Big
Level 60: The big chill
Level 61: The black Cauldron
Level 62: Bloodsport
Level 63: The blue Lagoon
Level 64: The Burbs
Level 65: Caddyshack
Level 66: Cocktail
Level 67: Cocoon
Level 68: Crocodile Dundee
Level 69: The dark crystal
Level 70: Police Academy
Level 71: Fatal Attraction
Level 72: Lean on me
Level 73: Highlander
Level 74: The great outdoors
Level 75: Twins
Level 76: Rocky IV
Level 77: Kickboxer
Level 78: Look whos talking
Level 79: The money pit
Level 80: Glory
Level 81: European vacation
Level 82: Christmas vacation
Level 83: The outsiders
Level 84: Overboard
Level 85: Private Benjamin
Level 86: Raging bull
Level 87: Rain man
Level 88: Revenge of the nerds
Level 89: Say anything
Level 90: Scrooged
Level 91: Short circuit
Level 92: Better off dead
Level 93: Three amigos
Level 94: Scarface
Level 95: Robocop
Level 96: Full metal jacket
Level 97: Tron
Level 98: Wall street
Level 99: Willow

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