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Infinite Pics Sports Pack Level 0-99 Answers

Infinite Pics Sports Pack Level 0-99 Answers, Solutions and Cheats for iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android. If you are stuck on this CANDY level pack and need help with a puzzle picture to advance in the game, then use our Complete game walkthrough guide to help solve those difficult ones. The game is created by Random Logic Games / Conversion. Infinite Pics is the picture / image guessing game that rules them all. The game features hours of fun with words and trivia quiz gameplay. You put your word and picture/icon skills to the test. Hope you will enjoy our Infinite Pics Sports Pack Level 0-99 Answers.
Infinite Pics Sports Pack Level 0-99 Answers

Infinite Pics Sports Pack Level 0-99 Answers, Cheats and Solutions

Infinite Pics Sports Pack Level 0-99 Answers:
Level 0: Dallas Cowboys
Level 1: Cincinnati Reds
Level 2: New York Jets
Level 3: Milwaukee Brewers
Level 4: St Louis Cardinals
Level 5: LA Angels
Level 6: Denver Broncos
Level 7: Miami Marlins
Level 8: Anaheim Ducks
Level 9: Buffalo Bills
Level 10: LA Dodgers
Level 11: Chicago Bulls
Level 12: Oakland Raiders
Level 13: Manchester United
Level 14: Cleveland Browns
Level 15: San Diego Padres
Level 16: Boston Celtics
Level 17: Green Bay Packers
Level 18: San Diego Chargers
Level 19: Miami Dolphins
Level 20: Tampa Bay Rays
Level 21: New York Yankees
Level 22: LA Lakers
Level 23: Washington Redskins
Level 24: Toronto Blue Jays
Level 25: New York Giants
Level 26: LA Kings
Level 27: Detroit Red Wings
Level 28: Phoenix Suns
Level 29: Seattle Seahawks
Level 30: Miami Heat
Level 31: Pittsburgh Pirates
Level 32: Colorado Rockies
Level 33: Pittsburgh Steelers
Level 34: Baltimore Orioles
Level 35: Minnesota Twins
Level 36: Chicago White Sox
Level 37: Boston Red Sox
Level 38: Atlanta Braves
Level 39: LA Clippers
Level 40: Arizona Cardinals
Level 41: New York Mets
Level 42: Chicago Cubs
Level 43: St Louis Rams
Level 44: Utah Jazz
Level 45: Seattle Mariners
Level 46: Phoenix Coyotes
Level 47: Chicago Bears
Level 48: Oakland Athletics
Level 49: Cleveland Indians
Level 50: Houston Astros
Level 51: New York Knicks
Level 52: Minnesota Vikings
Level 53: Cincinnati Bengals
Level 54: Texas Rangers
Level 55: Detroit Lions
Level 56: Houston Texans
Level 57: Tennessee Titans
Level 58: Colorado Avalanche
Level 59: Dallas Stars
Level 60: Vancouver Canucks
Level 61: Orlando Magic
Level 62: Cleveland Cavaliers
Level 63: Atlanta Falcons
Level 64: New York Rangers
Level 65: Minnesota Wild
Level 66: Memphis Grizzlies
Level 67: Dallas Mavericks
Level 68: Washington Nationals
Level 69: Tampa Bay Lightning
Level 70: Pittsburgh Penguins
Level 71: Toronto Raptors
Level 72: Carolina Panthers
Level 73: Milwaukee Bucks
Level 74: St Louis Blues
Level 75: San Jose Sharks
Level 76: Chivas
Level 77: Liverpool
Level 78: Brooklyn Nets
Level 79: Real Madrid
Level 80: New Jersey Devils
Level 81: Washington Wizards
Level 82: Detroit Tigers
Level 83: Nashville Predators
Level 84: Barcelona
Level 85: Denver Nuggets
Level 86: Ottawa Senators
Level 87: Baltimore Ravens
Level 88: Sacramento Kings
Level 89: Atlanta Hawks
Level 90: Houston Rockets
Level 91: Chelsea
Level 92: Florida Panthers
Level 93: Indiana Pacers
Level 94: Charlotte Bobcats
Level 95: Manchester City
Level 96: Buffalo Sabres
Level 97: Boston Bruins
Level 98: Detroit Pistons
Level 99: Bayern Munich