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Just Jumble Answers and Solutions All Levels

Just Jumble Answers, Solutions and Cheats All Levels. Enjoy wonderful hints and insights from the Jumble puzzle creators David and Jeff. Beautiful high-resolution graphics show off the cartoons full-screen (so they look great on devices of all sizes). A game app by Adveractive Inc. We have solved all the word puzzles, levels and packs in this word game.
Just Jumble Answers and Solutions All Levels

Just Jumble Answers and Solutions All Levels

Super easy to play. Hundreds of puzzles to solve.

Just Jumble Answers Levels 1-100

#1: “Fryday”
#2: The teacher dressed up for school because she was this: Classy
#3: The discussion about the weather was this: Heated
#4: Determining the wind speed on a calm day is this: Breeze
#5: This was one way to rise to the top at this company: The Elevator
#6: The hair stylist got this after hearing about the complaint about her work: Snippy
#7: When his sweet potato was undercooked he did this: Yammered
#8: When they announced the discovery of pluto on 3 13 1930 people thought it was this: Far Out
#9: Some people thought the wright brothers were just: “plane” Crazy
#10: The groundhog made his prediction without a: Shadow Of A Doubt
#11: Curious about his dads childhood junior gave his: A Pop Quiz
#12: After watching so many horror movies in a row they were this: Fear-Fully
#13: When lou ferrigno found out hed be playing the hulk on tv he thought it was this: Incredible
#14: When there weren’t enough go carts to go around they did this: Took Turns
#15: How she felt after spraying the lawn for insects: Grubby
#16: The librarian was very clear about how she felt because she was: An Open Book
#17: Paul didn’t want to put off finishing this until tomorrow: Yesterday
#18: The relationship between the body builders wasn’t: Working Out
#19: He was shocked to see all the zombies: Dead Ahead
#20: His prize winning sourdough was the: Toast Of The Town
#21: After spotting the loose change on the ground he: Turned On A Dime
#22: Regardless of where they traveled this was always the center of gravity: The Letter V
#23: Dracula wanted to adopt the dog after realizing it was a: Bloodhound
#24: When the dolphin got hit by the orca during the performance he: “Whaled”
#25: The photography teacher had everything he needed but his students: Laked Focus
#26: The football coach was nervous about flying so he was looking forward to this: Touchdown
#27: Head over heels in love the nurseryman did this: Planted One
#28: After some big swings during the week the dow industrials had: Averaged Out
#29: What strolling in hollywood can be for a movie star: A Walk Of Fame
#30: The olympic runner liked to remember the: Good Times
#31: She had so many questions about the car because it was this: A Test Drive
#32: The banks grand opening suffered from this: Lack Of Interest
#33: When presented with the idea of a diaper change the baby: Pooh: Poohed It
#34: Their day at the beach did this: Suited Them
#35: The bocce player was anxious to start the match so he could get this: The Ball Rolling
#36: The orchard started by yogi and smokey was almost certain to do this: Bear Fruit
#37: They would have finished the project sooner had they done this: Rushed More
#38: The little leaguer struggled at his new position at first but later he would: Catch On
#39: What the amazon explorer and the amazon river had in common: A Big Mouth
#40: His parents were upset with him because he had broken one: Cardinal Rule
#41: The minneapolis beverage maker hoped to have a big success with this: “Mini Soda”
#42: Double faulting resulted in this for the tennis star: A Net Loss
#43: He was very nervous after hearing that he would be: Relaxed
#44: He acted his worst after his opponent got the: Better Of Him
#45: Valley ave in bangor is a: “Maine” Street
#46: His glue business would eventually succeed if he did this: Stuck With It
#47: Getting a cardio workout by dancing to disco made them: Retro Active
#48: The zombies liked the house due to its proximity to the: Dead Sea
#49: The prison play wasnt going well because they all wanted to: Steal The Show
#50: He refused to draw the jumble cartoon because the idea behind it wasn’t this: “Punny” Enough

Levels 51-100

#51: How the math teacher expected her students to respond: On The Double
#52: When he talked to himself in the mirror he talked to himself: Face-“Two”-Face
#53: The church’s relocation required one: An Organ Transplant
#54: The concert by the volcano featured this: Lava Rock
#55: When he started his new plant nursery everyone: Rooted For Him
#56: He was this after finishing his first surfing lesson: Wiped Out
#57: After a long day of planting hedges she was this: Bushed
#58: The cow couldn’t buy a new cowbell because she didn’t have enough: Moolah
#59: When sonny caught cher after she stumbled and fell on stage he said this: “I Got You Babe”
#60: He used one to find a new motor for his car: A Search Engine
#61: Her attempt to get the other waitress fired was this: Self Serving
#62: The hunting dog didnt get along with the hunter because the hunter was always: Hounding Him
#63: When the jumble creators struggled to make the puzzle work they were this: At A Loss For Words
#64: The flight attendant was starting to feel the: Cabin Pressure
#65: He tried on the expensive pair because he thought they’d be better: In The Long Run
#66: While then men were away the women: Manned The Fort
#67: The ships left the port in a: Cruise Line
#68: After getting injured the horse was now in: Stable Condition
#69: When shakespeare was a child he liked to do this: Play Outside
#70: After seeing how wrinkled his suit was superman would become this: Iron Man
#71: The storm damaged the taxi when it did this: Hailed a Cab
#72: Calling pluto a planet will become a: Distant Memory
#73: After a long day of making cartoons the jumble artist did this: Drew a Bath
#74: When they were up above sydney they were: Down Under
#75: The math class on the space station featured this: Zero Gravity
#76: Everybody liked to go to pat sajak’s house because he was a: Good Host
#77: The customer demanded a discount on the potting soil but the nursery owner: Held His Ground
#78: He would later find out that he was playing pool with one: A Pickpocket
#79: She liked her parachute instructor because he was this: Down To Earth
#80: When the cruise lines started putting billboards on their vessels they ended up with these:
#81: Even with one the thousand dollar store was not going to be a success: Grand Opening
#82: The pennimans boy born on 12 5 1932 would grow up to be: Little Richard
#83: When the singer performed in the capital of south korea she sang this: “Seoul” Music
#84: The owners of the auto supply store were not getting along and needed to do this: Part Ways
#85: When the actor broke his leg on stage they had to: Recast Him
#86: His valentines day lunch was this: A Hearty Meal
#87: The offensive lineman didn’t want to remember the teams loss so he did this: Blocked It Out
#88: Before their adventures at yellowstone could begin they needed to do this: Park The Car
#89: When james watt talked about his steam engine some people thought he was: Full Of Hot Air
#90: Their choice of leonard nimoy to play spock was this: Logical
#91: The oriole bought a manor in Baltimore Maryland because he was this: An Estate Bird
#92: When he talked about his new furniture business he did this: Knocked On Wood
#93: When the jumble artist went for a drive he did this: Sang Car Tunes
#94: Even though he didn’t think he’d be good at spearfishing he: Took A Stab At It
#95: He could have avoided getting punched in the face if he’d: Turned The Other Cheek
#96: When whiteboards were invented in the 1960s people thought they were: Remarkable
#97: He said this to the optometrist after his exam: See You Later
#98: The gym at the military base strengthened the: Armed Forces
#99: When ben franklin went on and on about his theories on electricity they said: Go Fly A Kite
#100: The struggling actor became one when he got a part time job as an usher: A Leading Man

Just Jumble Answers Levels 101-200

#101: The farmer called the vet to attend to the sick pig so that the pig could become a: Cured Ham
#102: The performer struggled until he got his: Act Together
#103: He was going to run for president but in the end he: Elected Not To
#104: They took their dog to the animal salon to get: A “Pedicure”
#105: When bugs bunny daffy duck and porky pig formed a band they sang: Looney Tunes
#106: After finally finishing the mural the artist wanted to do this: Paint The Town
#107: What the diver didn’t want to do: Make A Splash
#108: After he trained by running cycling and swimming the athlete decided to: Give It A “Tri”
#109: The palace of westminster is located near one in the thames: A Big Bend
#110: Sinking the putt at the british open in a downpour made him the: “Reigning” Champion
#111: She didn’t like working on the new song with her bandmate so she decided to: Tune Him Out
#112: After his unsuccessful attempt to steal second the player was this: Down And Out
#113: The screenwriters didn’t work well together because they couldn’t get: On The Same Page
#114: George de mestral patented velcro in 1955 because he didn’t want to get this: Ripped Off
#115: Two weeks past her due date she began to get nervous about the: Birth Wait
#116: She didn’t like the coffee because it wasn’t this: Her Cup Of Tea
#117: On July 3 1776 the founding fathers decided that they should: Go “Fourth”
#118: The lead actress was this to the understudy: A Role Model
#119: After being told to stop so many times the horse thought this: “Whoa” Is Me
#120: The church’s ornate casavant had to be fixed because it was a: Vital Organ
#121: He went to prague because he wanted to do this: “Czech” It Out
#122: After their defeat the night before the coach wanted his team to do this: Bounce Back
#123: When they were late opening the gym it resulted in this: “wait” Gain
#124: Helen Hunt was anxious to star in twister after the script: Blew Her Away
#125: When he installed his new kitchen he realized that his granite was this: Counterfeit
#126: A bad way for a lawyer to learn the criminal justice system: Trail And Error
#127: Yogi won the race but: Just Barely
#128: When he put the finishing touches on his book about clocks his wife said this: It’s About Time
#129: Regardless of the style its performed in a national anthem is this: Country Music
#130: When she complained about him taking too many naps he said this: Give It a Rest
#131: His job as a bounty hunter was this: Rewarding
#132: The conversation about current events while they fished resulted in: Newscasts
#133: The new robot housekeeper would become a: Maid To Order
#134: What began when bodybuilders started comparing pecs: A Chest Match
#135: Handling the blackjack and roulette tables at the same time turned him into a: Wheeler Dealer
#136: What he became for the post office skit: A Male Lady
#137: Alaskans like to keep their money here: In Fairbanks
#138: What the rival puzzle makers had when they met: Cross Words
#139: The st patricks day float riders were this after seeing their competitors: Green With Envy
#140: What the ceramics maker became when he worked to many hours: A Hairy Potter
#141: What the cops did when they spotted the twin burglars: A Double Take
#142: Saving your pennies could be considered this: “Centsible”
#143: Eating onions before court made him need these: “Judge Mints”
#144: He didn’t study to get his pilot’s license because he thought he could: Just Wing It
#145: The farmers photo of his cornfield wasn’t perfect until he did this: Cropped It
#146: The martian didn’t like taking the bus because it made him feel: “Alienated”
#147: Before he completely unpacked he worked out of his: Home Box Office
#148: His view from the hot air balloon looked better in this: The “Light” Of Day
#149: When she didn’t have the right equipment to change her flat tire she found a: Lumberjack
#150: The captain entertained passengers with these: “Ferry” Tales

Levels 151-200

#151: Even though the baseball player had retired he could still make: Good Catches
#152: He got in trouble for smoking because of all the: Detectors
#153: True compensation for everything they did is impossible but we can: Pay Respect
#154: Having one helped the tightrope walker stay in shape: Balanced Diet
#155: The bartender in the bird bar was a: Stool Pigeon
#156: Starting construction without the proper paperwork was: Not Permitted
#157: Putting a 30 second time limit on todays puzzle would cause you to do this: Scramble
#158: The to do list she gave him looked a lot like one: An Order Form
#159: The construction project based on the plans drawn by robert mills was this: Monumental
#160: Where the yankee went to get a replacement for part of his uniform: New Jersey
#161: What they were able to make when the role of 007 passed from sean to roger: “Moore” Bonds
#162: The stage performance of jumble was a: Play On Words
#163: His new electric car was a: “Volts Wagon”
#164: The dispute about whether or not the ball was fair was leading to this: Foul Language
#165: Founded in 1898 frank seiberlings tire and rubber company has had many: Good Years
#166: The new bakery specialized in these: “Pure Bread”
#167: The marathon winners victory speech did this: Ran On And On
#168: When asked how many cartoons hed drawn the jumble artist did this: Drew A Blank
#169: Frasier cranes success as a tv character was due in part to this: Good “Grammer”
#170: Her eyes had become dry and itchy but luckily the person next to her had this: The Solution
#171: What they would use to fix the broken jack o lantern: A Pumpkin Patch
#172: If they wanted to have everything packed up on time they’d need to: Get A Move On
#173: The truck salesman needed to work on his: Pickup Lines
#174: When their nuclear fusion experiment failed again the scientists had: No Recreation
#175: The flood at the doctor’s office created this: A “Wading” Room
#176: The gorilla found the bananas: Appealing
#177: The concert in death valley had: Low Attendance
#178: Once you’ve looked at one shopping center you’ve: Seen A Mall
#179: Before deciding on a new stereo system he wanted to get this: Sound Advice
#180: They would have been better off if the boat had more of these: Exit Rows
#181: Elvis liked to eat meals that were this: Fit For A King
#182: When she needed to get to the hospital in a hurry, she called a cab to: Deliver Her
#183: He was able to start his traffic signal business after his banker gave him this: The Green Light
#184: The bandleader feared becoming one as the storm approached: A Conductor
#185: They teed off in cancun to experience the: “Golf” Of Mexico
#186: When it came to her husbands plan to successfully lose weight, she thought he had this: A Fat Chance
#187: After examining the customer’s id, the waitress said thank you for your: “Patron-Age”
#188: The church service atop the mountain received this: High Praise
#189: Winning the free art class was the: Luck Of The Draw
#190: Breaking NHL records was this to Wayne Gretzky: One Of His Goals
#191: His new position at the medieval themed restaurant was this: His “Knight” Job
#192: She liked seeing all the presents but she really liked everyone’s: Presence
#193: The quarterback did this after being presented with the endorsement deal: Passed It Up
#194: After realizing some components for their new tent were missing he did this: Pitched A Fit
#195: The documentary about the history of camping featured: Past “Tents”
#196: It was easy for him to view the constellations because he was a: Night Watchman
#197: Winners at the arctic olympics won: cold Medal
#198: They learned about big ben after a passerby did this: Chimed In
#199: The canine tailor specialized in this: Painting
#200: He was one of the most liked pool players due to his good: Table Manners

Just Jumble Answers Levels 201-300

#201: He finished second at the family reunion race behind this: His First Cousin
#202: Despite what they look like curtains in jumble cartoons are this: Always Drawn
#203: After the storm the farmer would need to: “Re-Coop”
#204: The space station astronaut was so into his book that he couldn’t do this: Put It Down
#205: When mr and mrs albacore had a baby they played this: Name That “Aunt”
#206: When they were upgraded at check in they considered it this: A “Suite” Deal
#207: With the high price of gas a full tank can lead to: An Empty Wallet
#208: The groups expanding waistlines created more of this: “Band Width”
#209: He thought the deal on the parrot was worth this: Repeating
#210: The beavers dam was this when it was blown away: Gone With The Wind
#211: What the conceited preacher had: An Altar Ego
#212: After so many days at sea his buddy was becoming a: Stale Mate
#213: What one gets when they carpool with someone who wont stop talking: No “you” Turn
#214: Making the winning shot would be up to him because the ball was: In His Court
#215: Watching wheel of fortune was turning into a: Family Feud
#216: When the ship carrying tires started sinking it: Treaded Water
#217: The new laundromat in the sahara turned out to be a: Dry Cleaner
#218: All the new highway construction was turning hawaii into: “Road Island”
#219: What the landfill artist made when he started gluing pieces together: Junk Bonds
#220: After seeing him on tv jumble artist Jeff Knurek did this: Drew Carey
#221: When the Captain didn’t get his promotion it was a: Major Setback
#222: The game between the flamingos and the geese was a disaster because of these: Too Many “Fowls”
#223: What the math teacher took pleasure in making: Every Day Count
#224: The massage therapist bought a new headset for her phone so she could do this: Stay in Touch
#225: She thought her subway ride was this: The Pits
#226: The waiters cold would soon force him: Out Of Service
#227: Having this made it possible for hemingway to upgrade his house: “Ernest” Money
#228: The young chefs had not mastered: Common “Scents”
#229: He knew so much about model railroads because hed been this: Well Trained
#230: The way they put this puzzle together will cause some: Double Takes
#231: The disagreement about the computer monitors was nowhere near this: Resolution
#232: After seeing so many people turn out for the parade the veterans: Were Honoured
#233: The tv series about the pirates had: Good “Raidings”
#234: The customer got this after seeing the new omelette on the menu: “Eggcited”
#235: When asked if she wanted gold or silver she replied: Either “Ore”
#236: She was struggling in geometry class because there was a: Learning Curve
#237: The elephant needed a car with enough: Trunk Space
#238: What they called the bad irish tribute band: Sham Rock
#239: His attempt to impersonate henry winkler was a: “Fonzi” Scheme
#240: They went to the air show in nebraska to see the: Great “Planes”
#241: They went to the zoo in richmond to see a: Virginia Wolf
#242: The designs for the new eyeglasses were chosen after this: Focus Testing
#243: Smokey got lost in the woods after he lost this: His Bearings
#244: He became so good at putting up the sails that he did this: Mastered It
#245: The cleaning crew at grand central was enjoying a: Station Break
#246: Why the tow truck driver was able to help: Lots Of Pull
#247: What the engineers lunch was: Chew Chews
#248: The veterinarian went to the doctor because he was: Sick As A Dog
#249: The mime wanted to expand his business and was looking for a: Silent partner
#250: How the man chose his new nose at the plastic surgeons office: He Picked It

Levels 251-300

#251: Eating outside on a rainy day was: No Picnic
#252: How she felt after teaching her second spin class in a row: Recycled
#253: What the math teacher did when he wrecked his car: He Totaled It
#254: The pool player made so much money because he made: Bank Shots
#255: The fight between the beer drinkers was going to lead to: Mug Shots
#256: The blooming romance was this: A Spring Fling
#257: The computer repairman had one: A Hard Drive
#258: What the magician had on the course: A Bag Of Tricks
#259: Attention readers after today jumble will no longer be featured in newspapers: April Fools
#260: The old beer making equipment was beginning to break down which meant there was: Trouble Brewing
#261: The day care center was quickly turning into a: “Whinery”
#262: The teacher thought that her questions for the verbal US geography test were this: Clearly Stated
#263: What the poker player was when he was late for the game: Better Off
#264: Where he thought he needed to go to replace the missing piece: A Pawn Shop
#265: What the math teacher used in his coffee to make it whole: Half And Half
#266: The miserable employees counted the minutes until this: Happy Hour
#267: When the blackjack dealer was scolded by the pit boss he: Dealt With It
#268: The accountants excelled at tennis because of their: Good Returns
#269: Getting thrown out of the tavern meant that he: Was Barred
#270: Viewing the solar explosions through the telescope became difficult when: Tempers Flared
#271: The zombie couple bought the house because it was this: On A Dead End
#272: The poker players were able to remodel their poker room because they all did this: Chipped In
#273: When the lawman took a painting class he created: “Marshal” Art
#274: What he was when he brought home flowers for the mrs: A Sweet Potato
#275: The garbage man was this while putting in so much overtime: Wasting Away
#276: The tavern did a better business during the heat wave because it offered these: Cold “Draft”
#277: His scheme to steal 1000 was this: A “Grand” Plan
#278: The horse took the lead in the kentucky derby but: Not “Furlong”
#279: The traffic jam was turning the highway into a: Truck Stop
#280: When he brought home cucumbers instead of zucchini he was this: In A Pickle
#281: After forgetting to call to get the dishwasher fixed he ended up: In Hot Water
#282: When the jukebox wouldn’t work it caused fonzie to: Lose His Cool
#283: When the waitress gave them the wrong cocktails they had: Mixed Drinks
#284: Setting this jumble cartoon at night left a few people: In The Dark
#285: When he talked to the lawyer about suing the brewery it became a: Case Of Beer
#286: People from Bangor who get carried away with their state pride are: “Maine-Cais”
#287: He failed his magicians exam because it was: Too Tricky
#288: Part of Sylvester Stallones long term success can be attributed to his: “Rocky” Start
#289: The first goose to arrive in Florida for the winter was one: An Early Bird
#290: The runner who forgot his running shoes was: Not Too Swift
#291: Gene Roddenberry’s ability to get star trek on the air in 1966 showed that he was: Enterprising
#292: Having one would have given the inmate a chance to win the contest: A “Cell” Phone
#293: When he asked for a custom made tuxedo the tailor said this: Suit Yourself
#294: When they climbed up to see his new fort it created a: Family Tree
#295: Having one made him so good at his job on the railroad: One-Track Mind
#296: He wasn’t going to win the tennis match due to his: Many Faults
#297: The staircase he built out of granite turned into a: Stepping Stone
#298: Where the zombies found their new home: Death Valley
#299: Love at first sight during his run was this: A Track Meet
#300: The cat blamed his inability to quit smoking on the fact that he was: Creature Of Habit

Just Jumble Answers Levels 301-400

#301: Early on she struggled to skate in the shape of an eight but she: Figured It Out
#302: The skunk would probably get fired from her job because she: Stunk At It
#303: When they decided to create the declaration of independence they did this: Made History
#304: He started putting predictions into cookies because he wanted to do this: Make A Fortune
#305: It didn’t take long for Richard Starkey’s parents to realize he was going to: Be A “Starr”
#306: The astronaut never lost a match because he was: Arm Strong
#307: The damage caused by the termites was really: Bugging Him
#308: He would have trouble getting to his boat as a result of it being this: Sealed Off
#309: When his guitar string broke during the performance he did this: Fretted
#310: The graduating student had one when he gave his speech: Senior Moment
#311: What the waterfowl turned the pond into: Swan Lake
#312: He wanted to get 100 on his math test but hopefully he wasnt: Counting On It
#313: Putting the spire on the building was this: Top Priority
#314: They bought the subdivision parcel because they thought it had this: A Lot Of Value
#315: His shoddy workmanship on the bookcase would give it a short: Shelf Life
#316: When the dealer lowered the prices on the sports cars they: Went Fast
#317: He couldn’t keep the fact that he was a zombie secret because he was a: Dead Giveaway
#318: He was this after the teams loss: Singled Out
#319: When the health inspector found a fly in his lobster bisque it resulted in this: Fine Dining
#320: Being shot at by the hunters put the duck in this: A “Fowl” Mood
#321: Being overcharged for the undercooked steak was this: A Raw Deal
#322: He didn’t believe they were in trouble at first but later he would: Get Thye Drift
#323: He called his broker to buy more shares because he wanted to do this: Stock Up
#324: His new book about the origin of labor day had a: Working Title
#325: He struggled putting up the wallpaper until he got this: The Hang Of It
#326: If they wanted to get the staircase done on time they’d have to do this: Step It Up
#327: When the zombie was nabbed committing a crime he was caught: Dead To Right
#328: This doctors patients often ended up: In Stitches
#329: They were given one when they went to buy a softer mattress: A Firm Price
#330: The poker players wager would soon cause him to do this: Bid Farewell
#331: Their diving at santa monica beach created this: “Pier” Pressure
#332: His explanation of how the famous crack formed did this: Rang a Bell
#333: What the zombie took at the archery competition: Dead Aim
#334: When the presidential candidate went jogging he took this: His Mate Running
#335: When they went to New York City they saw these: Burro
#336: When a battery is completely charged it is this: Powerful
#337: When Yogi got sick before his show he knew he’d have to: Grin And Bear
#338: The winner of the hot dog eating contest was this: Full Of Himself
#339: What the celebrity used to buy a cup of coffee: Star Buck
#340: Where the comedian gets his daily news: The Funny Paper
#341: Stopping to look for his missing watch caused the runner to: Lose Time
#342: After being dealt a horrible poker hand he knew he was sitting in a: Folding Chair
#343: The sale at the nursery turned the customer into a: hedge Hog
#344: Even though they weren’t related pierce brosnan and daniel craig had one: A Common Bond
#345: More and more cooking shows are being produced because viewers keep: Eating Them Up
#346: When they spotted the competing news crew breaking the law they did this: Reported It
#347: Having a crossword in the jumble did this: Puzzled People
#348: When he was too sick to go to school this would be the only thing he’d be attending: Home Room
#349: The bodybuilder on the bike ride wanted: Wider Shoulder
#350: When she wrote to complain about the service shed received she wrote: In Cursive

Levels 351-400

#351: When he caused trouble in calculus class the student worried about the: Aftermath
#352: The chiropractors kept their money in a: Folding Chair
#353: When the pilgrims were presented with a feast they did this: Hedge Hog
#354: After the massage therapist got over her cold she: Felt Better
#355: Desi Arnaz said I do on 11 30 1940 because: We Loved Lucy
#356: When the men entered the room for the speed dating they went in: Single File
#357: Instant replay was such a hit when it was introduced in 1963 that people wanted to: See It Again
#358: The Air Force boxing match featured these: Fighter Pilot
#359: When Amundsen finally reached the South Pole all he could do was: Look North
#360: The dog was content to sleep through all the festivities because he wasnt a: Animal Party
#361: The attorney said this after her co worker harassed her about her work: Get Off My Case
#362: After he pitched a perfect game he: Threw A Party
#363: She struggled with her new spreadsheet program at first but she eventually: Excelled
#364: They did this when they delivered the clock: Made Good Time
#365: Everything was going along nicely in the strawberry field until someone: Picked A Fight
#366: Levi Strauss was successful selling pants because he was a: Jeaniu
#367: The television screen had become so dirty that it had: A film On It
#368: The photo shoot for the Beatles album cover turned the street into: Garbey Road
#369: The octopus made such a good security guard because he was always this: Heavily Armed
#370: Trying to reach the green with his drive was this: A Long Shot
#371: The malls new escalator had: Its Ups And Downs
#372: When the poker player got a royal flush all his opponents could do was: Hand It To Him
#373: After his pine tree died his neighbor did this: Needled Him
#374: Their lobster in bangor was a: Maine Dish
#375: The rock climber saw these when he went to buy new climbing equipment: Stee Prices
#376: The rooster was in a: Fowl Mood
#377: The umpire was glad the game was finally over because he was ready to: Call It a day
#378: When King Kong agreed to buy the Empire State building it was a: Big Deal
#379: After seeing his new co worker at the calendar factory he wanted to: Make a Date
#380: When her daughter made a cake for her birthday she thought it was: Very Sweet
#381: When it cam time to explain the teams defeat the coach was this: At a Loss
#382: The grand opening of the car dealership was a chance for them to: Sellebrate
#383: The tennis players were such a happy couple because they were this: A Good Match
#384: Record stores selling Beatles albums in 1965 were full of people who: Needed Help
#385: All the new boats had a: Sail Price
#386: The supermodel twins showed off their: Good Genes
#387: They had no chance of winning the balloon race because they couldn’t: Keep Up
#388: Yogi and boo boo got into an accident on the: Be Traffic Control
#389: When the rebel alliance took on the empire in softball they played on a: Force Field
#390: The manager at the health club ran things: As She Saw Fit
#391: All the clocks at the antique clock store were this: Secondhand
#392: The spiders new business had a: Bew Address
#393: His desire to own the biggest plumbing company in town was: A Pipe Dream
#394: The movie set in death valley had a: Low Budget
#395: When the salesman told him the stereo was 50 percent off he said this: Sounds Good
#396: The concert on Mount Rushmore featured this: Rock Music
#397: If he wanted to get a new contract to sell sodas and hot dogs at the stadium he would have to: Make Concession
#398: Looking for the perfect new outfit can be: A Trying Time
#399: Everyone in the zombie library was: Dead Silent
#400: The gun wouldn’t fire because: It Was Shot

Just Jumble Answers Levels 401-500

#401: He played chess in Prague with his: Czeech Mate
#402: The scout outing was: In Tents
#403: After bumping into some friends during his jog hed be this: Running Late
#404: He was able to recover the fumble because he was this: On The Ball
#405: Buffalos NFL team hired an accountant to do this: Pay The Bills
#406: The parking enforcement officer was having: A Fine Day
#407: The horse with the overly negative attitude was a: Neigh Sayer
#408: Yogi found the weather conditions to be: Unbearable
#409: His speaker business was successful thanks to: High Volume
#410: His chefs award winning pizza was so good that it couldn’t: Be Topped
#411: When Beatles fans were asked if they liked the song She Loves You they said: Yeah Yeah Yeah
#412: The patient in the busy hospital room longed for the: Silent Treatment
#413: His ability to say Adios and Au Revoir made him this: Bye Lingual
#414: When the does met they instantly knew they would become: Deer Friends
#415: The submarine needed a: Deep Cleaning
#416: At one time reading a book on a nook kindle or ipad was a: Novel Idea
#417: After the huge turkey dinner with the family he was: Thank Full
#418: After he asked the movers a question he said: Carry On
#419: What snobby birds with big egos do: Look Down On Us
#420: An important way to compensate our veterans is to: Pay Respect
#421: What does December have that no other month has: The Letter “D”
#422: The new taxidermist moving to town gave the old taxidermist this: Stiff Competition
#423: Mozart’s achievements were: Noteworthy
#424: All the other ghosts enjoyed being with Casper because he was always in: Good Spirits
#425: Kids on Halloween are often: Treated Well
#426: The astrologers new billboard was: A Zodiac Sign
#427: The argument about the pizza ended with a: Piece Treaty
#428: She hinted that her daughter should clean her room but her daughter didn’t: Pick Up On It
#429: The nursery owner told her new employee the: Ground Rules
#430: After seeing that her dogs had dug up the back yard she wanted the: Hole Truth
#431: He was bummed after failing to clear the hurdle but he would: Get Over It
#432: The balloon was ascending perfectly but the squabbling operators were going: Nowhere Fast
#433: When they asked the owner of the inn if they could check in early he said: Be My Guest
#434: The storm heading toward the cemetery created: Grave Danger
#435: When it came to his new hot air balloon designs he had: High Hopes
#436: When it came time to decide on a starting quarterback the coach was: At An Impasse
#437: The smart swimmer had these: Stroke Of Genius
#438: The jumble artist’s cartoon is a: Line Drawing
#439: When the jumble creators realized they’d forgotten to turn in a puzzle they: Scrambled
#440: The new jumbo jet was: In Plane Sight
#441: After his climbing companion started to panic he told her to: Get A Grip
#442: The electrician would get done if he kept: Plugging Away
#443: The teams loss turned the pub into a: Whine Bar
#444: The childrens birthday party turned every section of the house into a: “Wreck” Room
#445: The jury reached its decision with: Conviction
#446: What do you call a rabbit on the lawn: A Grasshopper
#447: Heidi Klum was working the minute she stepped off the plane because she was: A Runway Model
#448: After being awakened again by the neighbors loud music he was ready to: Sound Off
#449: The crocodiles cousin was a: Navigator
#450: The jumble artist refused to draw the cartoon because he thought the wordplay was: “Pun.Gent”

Levels 451-500

#451: Leaves falling off the trees each year is: AUTUMN MATIC
#452: Barry Manilow didnt want to forget his idea for a new song so he: WROTE A NOTE
#453: When developing a new armored military vehicle during world war one they formed a: THINK TANK
#454: The new shoe store was doing well thanks to all the: FOOT TRAFFIC
#455: It was quiet on the submarine because most of the crew was in: A DEEP SLEEP
#456: When he started charging people to fish in his creek it created a: REVENUE STREAM
#457: When he started to drill for water, these turned up: WELL WISHERS
#458: To Noah Webster creating a dictionary was: MEANING FULL
#459: The model boats were ready to: SHIP IN TRUCKS
#460: When Barbie would go out on a date she’d get this: DOLLED UP
#461: The politician spoke frankly to his dinner companion because he was a: CANDID DATE
#462: The limo driver had been working for years but he didnt have much to: CHAUFFEUR IT
#463: When the guards at Alcatraz needed a rest they took a: A PRISON BREAK
#464: What she had when she saw her wedding cake: TIERS OF JOY
#465: If felines built cars their factory could feature these: ASSEMBLY LIONS
#466: Even though he no longer had a use for his comb, he wasn’t going to: PART WITH IT
#467: Getting into a traffic accident on the way to get fast food put him: ON A CRASH DIET
#468: When George Burns turned 100, 99 was this: HIS OLD AGE
#469: The doctor would recover from his injuries if he could: BE PATIENT
#470: The expectant mother tied everything to her: DUE DATE
#471: The horses in the barn were: NEIGH BORS
#472: They needed one when they filmed the movies bank robbery scene: A SECOND TAKE
#473: Her attempt to get away from Dracula was going to be: IN VEIN
#474: Installing the new fan at the gym was: NO SWEAT
#475: The job at the funeral home came with more responsibility and he was anxious to: UNDERTAKE IT
#476: When he answered questions about all the touchdowns scored against his team he: GOT DEFENSIVE
#477: When the math teacher ended the lesson she: SUMMED IT UP
#478: When she got sick after they set sail, he needed to get: BACK TO THE DOC
#479: he mistakenly thought that owning a bakery would be a: CAKE WALK
#480: She didn’t buy the automobile because of its: BAD CARMA
#481: With each glass of Champagne, the party guest was becoming: MORE BUBBLE
#482: After forgetting to pay his gym dues he needed to: RE-MEMBER
#483: He wanted to buy the classic drum set but someone: BEAT HIM TO IT
#484: When she got new glasses she: LOOKED BETTER
#485: When they visited the capital of Germany in the frigid weather they visited: BURR-LIN
#486: The cyclopses weren’t: SEEING EYE TO EYE
#487: After fleeing into the laundromat the suspect had no chance of a: CLEAN GETAWAY
#488: The planes arrival time was this: UP IN THE AIR
#489: Santas helper was suffering from: LOW ELF ESTEEM
#490: The pizza makers award winning slice won a: PIECE PRIZE
#491: Leonard Nimoy’s career really took off as a result of him being: ALIEN ATED
#492: Magellan set out to circumnavigate the globe and was able to: SEA THE WORLD
#493: Finding sneakers for some basketball players is: NO SMALL FEAT
#494: Dracula enjoyed going to the transylvania circus to watch the: ACRO-BATS
#495: When Mickey Mantle made his debut with the NY Yankees on 4 17 1951 he did this with his new teammates: HIT IT OFF
#496: The zombie boxers manager told him to: KNOCK EM DEAD
#497: She thought the new glasses were: EYE: DEAL
#498: The hiking trail had this on it: ALL WALKS OF LIFE
#499: If the pickpocket was going to steal the mans pocket watch he would need to: TAKE HIS TIME
#500: Forrest Gumps shrimp business resulted in: NET PROFITS

Just Jumble Answers Levels 501-600

#501: After seeing her former husband for the first time in years she was not: EX SIGHTED
#502: He hoped that becoming the circus tightrope walker would be a: STEADY JOB
#503: Everyone thought her new wig was: HAIR LARIOUS
#504: After tracking down the stolen brooch he had all the evidence he needed to: PAINT IT ON HER
#505: He tried to teach his son how to fish but his son couldnt: CATCH ON
#506: Her golf score would be horrible after so many of her shots went: OFF COURSE
#507: They called the general by his: SIR NAME
#508: The new employee at the bakery was: A CUTIR PIE
#509: The fancy new pub really: RAISED THE BAR
#510: Something was wrong with the telescope he would need to: LOOK INTO IT
#511: Of all the gifts you gave your Mom on Mothers Day her favorite has always been: YOUR PRESENCE
#512: All the recent construction was turning the street into: AN AVE NEW
#513: When he proposed that there were oceans on the moon some people thought it was: LUNA SEA
#514: After finishing the 18th hole they stopped to eat a: ONE COURSE MEAL
#515: After his wife struck it big on a slot machine he was happy to have a: BETTOR HALF
#516: When they counted the prisoners the result was a: CON CENSUS
#517: She hoped her new billboard would give her company one: AN AD VANTAGE
#518: After five marathon victories in a row he lost but he didnt mind hed: HAD A GOOD RUN
#519: His poor judgement when it came to designing tank tops would cause him to: LOSE HIS SHIRT
#520: The rabbits cousin was having a: BAD HARE DAY
#521: The cartooning competition would end: IN A DRAW
#522: Everything was going fine as he chopped down the tree until the: AXE INDENT
#523: After building a new deck underneath the large oak tree he had it: MADE IN THE SHADE
#524: His comments about the wine were: IN POUR TASTE
#525: The food was pretty good at the skunk restaurant but the: SERVICE STUNK
#526: When the masseuse left her job they wanted her to: KEEP IN TOUCH
#527: When he didn’t have enough money to pay the taxi driver he offered a: FARE TRADE
#528: He arrested the painter because he was a: CON ARTIST
#529: The captain of the plane was late for work after spending too much time as an: AUTO PILOT
#530: The mix up at the cemetery was a: GRAVE MISTAKE
#531: When they discussed creating a company to make artificial knees they planned a: JOINT VENTURE
#532: The fish markets new slogan was a: CATCH PHRASE
#533: The judges portrait didn’t: DO HIM JUSTICE
#534: When the actors and actresses celebrated their oscar award wins it was a: STARRY NIGHT
#535: The movie about the winner of the marathon featured a: LEADING MAN
#536: Everything was fine at the amphibian bar until the frog sat on the: TOADS STOOL
#537: When he reviewed the plans for the new water park he presented a: SLIDE SHOW
#538: She tried to make a dent in her credit card debt but she couldn’t: BUDGE IT
#539: Getting fired for being a rude and obnoxious waiter: SERVED HIM RIGHT
#540: The rebel bowling team was leading but players worried the empires team might: STRIKE BACK
#541: He became one after telling his wife how to drive: A PEDESTRIAN
#542: He opened his business here: NEW DELHI
#543: The store owners fake vomit and other disgusting novelties resulted in: GROSS PROFITS
#544: When the actress started appearing in commercials she became a: SELL EBRITY
#545: He didn’t get the joke about the ceiling because it was: OVER HIS HEAD
#546: The authors expenses related to doing research for a new book would be: WRITTEN OFF
#547: When she asked if she could use the spa coupon for a massage they said: FELL FREE
#548: He didn’t believe in the inventors plans for the incandescent bulb so Edison: ENLIGHTENED HIM
#549: When the cats waited to enter the amusement park they stood in a: FEE LINE
#550: The baseball player broke up with his girlfriend so that he could: PLAY THE FIELD

Levels 551-600

#551: The skunk hoodlums: Reeke Havoc
#552: When the prisoner was shipped off to Alcatraz he went on a: Guilt Trip
#553: The polygraph test was the: Moment Of Truth
#554: He didn’t buy the drum set because he wanted this: More Bang For His Buck
#555: The musical killer whales formed: An Orca Stra
#556: Running the cremation society made it possible for him to: Urn A Living
#557: Caspers new ghost costume business was: Boo Ming
#558: If the jumble makers play on words isn’t good enough they might get: Punished
#559: The lobster was this at the prospect of becoming someones dinner: Boiling Mad
#560: The billionaire was able to enjoy the new yacht thanks to: Ownership
#561: The crocodile needed help solving a case so she called in: An Investigator
#562: Love at first sight turned the butcher shop into a: Meet Market
#563: The skunk knew exactly when to spray because she had good: In Stink
#564: When it came time to raise money for a new billiards table they did this: Pooled It
#565: The pirate was ready to retire because he was: On His Last Leg
#566: The technician forgot to change the androids positronic brain he needed a: Reminder
#567: The arrival of the new baby brought: Many Changes
#568: When all the cartoonists gathered for the weekend they were: Drawn Together
#569: The phone at the prison featured:
#570: When the zombies took over the railroad passengers rode on: Fright Train
#571: The insect was no longer bugging him and was quickly becoming his: Pest Friend
#572: The gold mine turned out to be a bust but thankfully there was a: Silver Lining
#573: The speedy barber always went: At a Good Olip
#574: The US geography teacher wanted the student to: State Facts
#575: The owner of the successful bakery liked to show off her: Pie Chart
#576: If marco polo had needed money for his epic journey he could have raised: Adventure Capital
#577: The strict ballet instructor kept his students: On Their Toes
#578: The hot air balloon sank after they ran out of fuel but he had a: Back Up Plan
#579: Tensions mounted between the lemonade sellers when neither of them would: Stan d Down
#580: The erratic golfer was experiencing: Mood Swings
#581: When the identical twins built the staircase they became: Step Brother
#582: He wasn’t sure if he could give all his fortune to charity upon his death but he was: Wiling To Try
#583: Picking vegetables in their garden was: Easy Peasy
#584: When it came to which sandals she wanted to buy the customer kept: Flip Flopping
#585: The police searched the building because it was: Warranted
#586: When he ate dinner in his new recliner he ate: Comfort Food
#587: The newscaster used makeup to cover his: Head Lines
#588: The trail through the swamp caused the cross country race to: Run A Muck
#589: She opened her flower shop when she was in her 70s because she was a: Late Bloomer
#590: Finishing first in the marathon created a: Lasting Memory
#591: When he talked about the advantages of using a spear he made some: Good Point
#592: Spraining her ankle in front of the fortune tellers shop was a: Twist Of Fate
#593: If politicians ever truly started to work together then it would be: Bye Partisan
#594: When the beauty pageant winner from the US traveled sometimes she would: Miss America
#595: Deciding to become an author was this for stephen king: The Write Choice
#596: Death valley is so hot thanks in part to its: Low Cation
#597: When he posted a short movie of him catching a huge trout he posted a: Video Streaming
#598: Carrying all the treasure caused the pirate to get: Chest Pains
#599: If a penny came to life it would become: Centient
#600: Choosing to take the shortcut through the poison ivy was: A Rash Decision

Just Jumble Answers Levels 601-700

#601: The garden was always in danger because it was: An Anagram
#602: When the young sheep fought over their sleeping arrangements it was: Bed Lamb
#603: When her priceless ming vase crashed to the floor she: Fell To Piece
#604: The aliens maternity ward was located on the: MotherShip
#605: After his new 100000 sports car was in a collision he was this: Bent Out Of Shape
#606: The successful arm wrestler was winning prize money: Hand Over Fist
#607: The contractor wanted to pay this for his tree purchases: Hole Sale
#608: The new prison had its: Pros and Cons
#609: When it came to scheduling her next gymnastics lesson the student was: Flexible
#610: You know its autumn when the: Leave Leave
#611: At the height of his singing career Jim Morrison was: A Door Ed
#612: The christmas customs brought out their cats: Santa Claws
#613: The Australian rancher was building his new barn: Out Back
#614: He would end up going broke as a result of his: Poor Judgement
#615: They watched the documentary about Great Britain’s south coast on the: English Channel
#616: After the buffet aboard the cruise ship everyone came to a: Full Stop
#617: They climbed the hill to see the sun come up because they were: Early Risers
#618: The number of billboards along the highway was: Adding Up
#619: The zombie bride was hard to carry over the threshold because she was: Dead Weight
#620: Fishing when the water was low would have to: Tide Them Over
#621: His tour of Alcatraz turned into this when he fell down the stairs: A Prison Break
#622: The novice mountain climber needed to: Learn The Ropes
#623: When he finally had a chance to go around the slow car he couldn’t: Pass It Up
#624: The sale on the firewood allowed the camper to: Save A Bundle
#625: When the attorney became a partner he received: Firm Handshake
#626: The man who sold fake tennis equipment online was charged with: Racketeering
#627: What the zookeeper witnessed in the asian animal section: Panda Monium
#628: After he won the lottery King Kong became a: Big Spender
#629: The 4th of July caused sales at the fireworks store to: SkyRocket
#630: After he retired King Arthur opened a: Knight Club
#631: The cooks at the new breakfast restaurant were ready to: Get Crackling
#632: The rooster meteorologist predicted: Fowl Weather
#633: The mom with four boys wanted a price break so the barber: Cut Her A Deal
#634: No matter how hard he tried he just couldn’t keep his boat building business: A Float
#635: The weight lifting math majors proved that there was: Strength In Number
#636: The guests rude comments about the lodging establishment were: Innsults
#637: The soccer match in Bangkok was: A That Game
#638: Danica Patricks success at such a young age was a result of her being a: Fast Learner
#639: He used this to recall facts about his first computer: His Good Memory
#640: For the 1 ranked runner finishing in last place was: A Chance Of Pace
#641: The baseball teams pitching instructor lived in: A Coach House
#642: The park started charging for rock climbing because it wasn’t: Risk Free
#643: Their hike through the forest was great until their path: Trailed Off
#644: When they got caught in the downpour in Kiev they were in the: Uk Rain E
#645: The ice cream parlors weekly newsletter was the: Sundae Paper
#646: Lassie was a bit depressed and feeling: Melan Gollie
#647: The mother and daughter entered the marathon together because running: Ran In Thje Family
#648: If they were going to afford the new sailboat they’d need: A PartnerShip
#649: The oceanography class consisted of: Sea Student
#650: When the top ranked player lost in the first round to an unranked player it was: Up Setting

Levels 651-700

#651: When the US government decided to expand coin production to Denver they: Made A Mint
#652: In order to lose weight the overeater would need to: Scale Back
#653: After bumping into the celebrity on the street she was: Star Struck
#654: Porky applied for a job as an airline pilot but the airline said: When Pigs Fly
#655: The astronaut volunteered for the spacewalk because she wanted: Some Space
#656: The weightlifters new world record: Raise The Bar
#657: If the archaeologists assistant did not improve he’d: Be History
#658: The teenager constantly oversleeping was: Cause For Alarm
#659: He was struggling to find a new guitar because he was: Too Picky
#660: The US won the Americas cup thanks to this: Good Leadership
#661: When fumes started drifting in from the nearby factory the homeowner: Blew His Stack
#662: Boo boo liked being Yogi’s sidekick except when Yogi was being: Over Bearing
#663: The ironworkers listened to: Heavy Metal
#664: The new employee was unhappy on his first payday because he got a: Healthy Check
#665: The butchers convention featured a: Meet and Greet
#666: Even though it was plugged in the electric guitar without strings was: Chord Less
#667: The airports security canine was the: Scenter Of Attention
#668: The vacationing book lovers were on the: Same Page
#669: Her fear of going to bed in the dark made their daughter a: Light Sleeper
#670: Compared to the competition the losing poker player didnt: U Stack U
#671: When it came to his twin boys there was no: Compare A Son
#672: The man who wasn’t as wealthy as he led people to believe was: Discredited
#673: After he walked home the winning run the pitcher: Threw A Fit
#674: Her attempt to make her teenage son get a part time job was: Not Working
#675: When they split the cost of the taxi ride Everyone paid his: Fare Share
#676: The mountain climber who reached the peak first was in: Tip Top Shape
#677: After years without striking the picketers had a: Re Union
#678: The seller of the abacus priced it at 1000 drachmas and wasn’t taking: Counter Offer
#679: The beach cafe was famous for its: Sea Soning
#680: The thanksgiving turkey was so good that everyone: Gobbled It Up
#681: When they decided to name their island Britain everyone thought it was: A Great Ideal
#682: The farmer worked in his: Corn-er Office
#683: He thought the telemarketers interruption was: Uncalled For
#684: When the winds abruptly died all the kite flyers were: ‘Dis-Gusted’
#685: The billboard featured: Ad Verbs
#686: The pony with the negative attitude was a: A ‘Neigh-Sayer’
#687: Thanks to the fender bender she met her future husband: By Accident
#688: The veterinarian with laryngitis was a: ‘Hoarse’ Doctor
#689: This section of the gym was a: ‘Weighting’ Area
#690: The penguin and the eskimo didn’t get along because they were this: Polar Opposites
#691: Their hike in Alaska was going along Just fine until they ran into a: ‘Bear-Ire’
#692: Their trip to the christmas tree farm turned into a: ‘Chopping’ Spree
#693: The runner tried to make it to third base but unfortunately for him the shortstop: Tagged Along
#694: When he didn’t understand what was said at the parole hearing the prisoner said: Pardon Me
#695: The wrestler on the bottom was going to end up being a: Sore Loser
#696: The astronauts on Mars dug for ice in an attempt to: Unearth It
#697: If the ocean were run by a corporation then poseidon could be the: ‘Sea’ E.O.
#698: When the bottled water company went bankrupt its stock was:
#699: The witch failed her exam because she had too many: Spelling Mistakes
#700: He wanted to go bowling but he didn’t have: Spare Time

Just Jumble Answers Levels 701-800

#701: The four star General hated following the: Doctor’s Order
#702: The non smokers met with the smokers to: Clear The Air
#703: The finale of the bowling tournament was so exciting that you could: Hear A Pin Drop
#704: She was going to try the spicy hot wings but she: Chickened Out
#705: The careless driver needed to: Wreck Less
#706: When he got the bill for their extravagant lobster meal he was: Shocked Shell
#707: The farmers cornfield labyrinth was: ‘A-Maize-Ing’
#708: A student had the idea that they should get out of school early but the teacher: Dismissed It
#709: When they divided the jack o lanterns circumference by its diameter they got: Pumpkin ‘Pi’
#710: What can you find in Manila that you cant find in Tokyo: Animal
#711: The newborn fish slept in a: ‘Bass-In-Net’
#712: After selling their one millionth battery everyone at the battery factory was: Charged Up
#713: The cuckoo in the clock made an appearance: From Time To Time
#714: The guys at the pig roast: Chewed The Fat
#715: The army general who played in the tennis tournament was: Highly Ranked
#716: When the first settlers saw the Grand Canyon they said: ‘Low’ And Behold
#717: The mountaintop casino featured: High Stakes
#718: The flower shop owner had a side job as a: ‘Floorist’
#719: Charging 50 for each prediction allowed the fortune teller to make a: Prophet Profit
#720: When it came to protecting their castle they were: ‘Moat-Invated’
#721: The circus performer painted during his time off because he was a: Trapeze Artist
#722: When King Kong escaped from custody he was: At Large
#723: After he invented the Franklin stove Ben was able to give people a: Warm Welcome
#724: The teams touchdown drive ended when they drove into a: No Passing Zone
#725: The bread company hoped its new bread dough would result in: Rising Profits
#726: On the day of the marathon the runner started with the: Home Stretch
#727: Trading in his old cell phone for a new one was: A Good Call
#728: There were no eggs in the henhouse because they had been: Poached
#729: The tourists were confused in Athens because everything was: Greek To Them
#730: When the king needed to go to the hospital it was a: Royal Pain
#731: The selection of new glasses was right: Before Her Eyes
#732: To win the green jacket at Augusta a golfer needs to play: Masterfully
#733: When the commanding officer won an award it was a: ‘Sir-Prize’
#734: The knight bought his armor at the: ‘Hard-Wear’ Store
#735: Porky had to leave the basketball game after he injured his: Hamstring
#736: The new discount store was: Close-‘Buy’
#737: His father’s neckwear collection was full of: Family Ties
#738: Lunchtime at the prison was: Serving Time
#739: Sinking the 50 footer for eagle: ‘putt’ Him In The Lead
#740: The dog thought the idea of retrieving the ball was: Far-fetched
#741: The documentary about the construction of the Eiffel Tower was: Riveting
#742: He made scrambled eggs at the: Crack Of Dawn
#743: After the heat went out in the school the math class featured: ‘Numb-Burrs’
#744: Kathy Bates and James Caan were happy as could be to be: In Misery
#745: Sales at the abacus store were: Adding Up
#746: The fact that she was a good mom was: Apparent
#747: When they offered her a chance to advertise on the billboard at a discount she said: Sign Me Up
#749: He was dressed in a giant bird costume and was: Waiting In The Wings
#750: The sign on the ladies room at the horse ranch said: ‘Whoa-Men’
#751: Falling in love and going for walks together: Go Hand-In-Hand
#752: The law student declined going to the tavern so he could: Pass The Bar
#753: After buying shares in a company that went bankrupt the next day the broker was a: LaughingStock
#754: After a long day working at the cemetery the groundskeeper wished he could: Rest In Peace
#755: The New Fashion Model Wasn’t Perfect, But She Was: Pretty Good
#756: The Judge’s Closing Remark Was A: Long Sentence
#757: He Won The Masters Golf Tournament Thank To A: Stroke Of Genius
#758: When Tabitha Spruce Met Stephen King In College, She Met: Mr.’Write’
#759: Jk Rowling Noticed Some Charges On Her Credit Card Bill That Weren’t: ‘Author-Ized’
#760: The Wild Ox Did So Well N School Because He Was A ‘Brainy-Yak’
#761: The Birthday Gifts She Presented At Work Were A Pleasant Surprise, Thank To The: Present Company
#762: The Service At The Comedy Club Was So Bad That It Was: Laughable
#763: He Didn’t Think That He Would Be Eaten By A Crocodile But He Was: In’De-Niel’
#764: The Clown Wasn’t Laughing After He Broke His: Humerus
#765: The Couch Had Turned Into a Sleeped Sofa
#766: To Get Rid Of Last Season’s Fashion The Boutique Had This Type Of: A ‘Clothes-Out’
#767: The Rockie Player Who Would Be Replacing The Retiring NBA Super Star Had: Big Shoes To Fill
#768: The Pioneer Got So Excited After Seeing The The Home That His Wife: Settle Down
#769: He Used his Credit Card To Pay For The Electric Car Because He Wanted To: Charge It
#770: The Bird Decided To Steel The Diamond Necklace Because He Felt he Was: Above The Law
#771: When It Was Time For His Game Of Pool The Player Used: Pocket Change
#772: The Student Forgot To Go To School Because He Was: Absent-Minded
#773: The Internet Cafe Served: Small ‘Bytes’
#774: Big Bird Was Not Worried About Retirement Because He Had a: Nest Egg
#775: They Bought The Discounted Sunglasses After Seeing That They Were: ‘Eye-Deal’
#776: Their View Of The Caribbean Was: At ‘See’ Level
#777: The Tv Show ‘Seinfeld’ Has Been So Successful In Syndication Thanks To: Repeat Business
#778: He Had His Bowling Ball And Bowling Shoes…He Was: Ready To Roll
#779: At The Peanut Brittle Factory, It Was: Crunch Time
#780: When They Looked For A Place To Build Their New Home, They Were ‘Site’-Seeing
#781: He Was This After Hearing The Details Of His Job Severance Package: Fired Up
#782: They Stood In Line To See The Movie Because The Heard It Was: Outstanding
#783: Sometimes Painting In The Wintertime Requires A: Second Coat
#784: H.G Wells Concept To Write A Book About A Time Machine Was A: Novel Idea
#785: He Knew He Had Fallen In Love At First Sight At Marathon When His: Heart Raced
#786: The Young Horse Was Enjoying One At The Sandwich Shop: A ‘Filly’ Cheesesteak
#787: The Pennant Company Was Having A: Banner Year
#788: They Drilled For Oil in Texas in The Early 1900’s Because It Was: Well Worth It
#789: They Wanted A Purebred Dog With A Great Blooding, But They Couldn’t: ‘Pet-Agree’
#790: For The Rookie Poker Player,Winning The Game Wasn’t: In The Cards
#791: Levi Strauss’ Success Selling Denim Jeans Was A Result Result Of him Being A: Smarty: Pants
#792: When They Put The Finishing Touch On The Clock Tower, Some People Said: It’s About Time
#793: When He Realized That Their Golden Retriever Wasn’t In The Backyard,He Said: ‘Dog-Gone-It’
#794: They Installed Solar Panels In Their House Because It Was A: Bright Idea
#795: The Meteorologist Called Into Work Sick So That She Could Get: Under The Weather
#796: The Electrician Discussed: Current Events
#797: When He Didn’t Buy His Wife3 The Diamond Ring She Was Hoping For He: Paid The Price
#798: They Went Snorkeling To: ‘See’ Turtles
#799: He Was Called For Being offended So often Because He Kept: Rushing
#800: Their View Of Their Grand Canyon Was: ‘Gorge-Ous’