KleptoCats 2 Codes and Secrets for Android / iOS

We have gathered some useful KleptoCats 2 Codes and secrets found in the rooms or items you get. Enter all codes to help the KleptoCats – cute cats that can’t stop stealing. The game is developed by HyperBeard. Please remember that you need certain items for some of the codes.
KleptoCats 2 Codes and Secrets

KleptoCats 2 Codes and Secrets

Lobby codes:

Wall near the stairs: the master comes
Telephone: This is not real
Newspaper: He here
Ticket+Coffee cup: 20-055 (Thanks to chronicperspicacity)
To get the purple ribbon code for the patio then first you need to get the Alchemy Pot in the Lobby. You need the Letter + Runes and follow the inscructions: Eyeballs – claw – mushroom – yellow stone – blue plant – claw. And a little red hooded..fox? will brew something in this pot.. This gives you the purple ribbon for the Lobby.


Box: secrets
ID: dr.cats (Type it in with the dot, for some reason this one is in braille and not morse code)
The code for the safe in the shed is ‘secrets’. If you look on the outside of the safe it says secrets spelled with numbers instead of letters.


Missing poster: Good boi
Patio door mat: nohope
(=OwO=)- Use the letter o not zeros) comes from the tomagochi that a cat brings back.