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Let's Fold Solutions All Chapters

Are you looking for a complete guide on how to complete all the chapters for the game Let’s Fold created by FiveThirty, Inc? We got just that for you right here.
So are you up for the paper-folding-challenge? Give it a go!
The videos below are created by PopoGamingChannel and credit goes to them for the videos.
Let's Fold Solutions

Let’s Fold Solutions All Chapters

Let’s Fold Solutions Chapter 1:
Chapter 1 contains levels 1-15.
Let’s Fold Solutions Chapter 2:
In chapter 2 you will find level 16-30.
Let’s Fold Solutions Chapter 3:
Solutions for Let’s Fold level 31-45 can be found above.
Let’s Fold Solutions Chapter 4:
Looking for solutions for level 46-60? Check above.
Let’s Fold Solutions Chapter 5:
Levels 61–75 can be found in this video.
Let’s Fold Solutions Chapter 6:
And here’s 76-90.
Let’s Fold Solutions Chapter 7:
Last but not least, above you will find levels 91-105.
The game can be downloaded from Google Play for your Android device right here: Download Let’s Fold
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