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Letter Swap Level 2 Answers 12-35 Walkthrough

Answers for Letter Swap Answers Level 2 Cheats #12-#35 for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android. This great game is made by Alegrium. Perfect blend of highly addictive word puzzle and a simple game play. You will love this fun new twist on word and image association game. Countless pics to guess, hundreds of words to solve, so if you get stuck just use the solutions and cheats below to advance in the game. The image shown in each level is your clue to the answers. Challenge yourself to find the 4 words that relates to the image by swapping the letter tiles.
Letter Swap Answers Level 2 Cheats 12-35:
Letter Swap Level 2-12: alphabet, palette, paintbrush, chalk
Letter Swap Level 2-13: fossil, visitor, dinosaur, museum
Letter Swap Level 2-14: microwave, toaster, blender, cupboard
Letter Swap Level 2-15: tennis, ball, racket, yellow
Letter Swap Level 2-16: top hat, puppet, suit, bow tie
Letter Swap Level 2-17: pharmacist, drugstore, medicine, stethoscope
Letter Swap Level 2-18: witch, broom, flying, sky
Letter Swap Level 2-19: movie, popcorn, 3d glasses, cinema
Letter Swap Level 2-20: fire, fireman, hose, flame
Letter Swap Level 2-21: moon, citrus, cinnamon, almond
Letter Swap Level 2-22: hot dog, bun, mustard, pickle
Letter Swap Level 2-23: hoop, basketball, game, shoot
Letter Swap Level 2-24: frog, crown, lily, pad, pond
Letter Swap Level 2-25: champion, medallion, wristband, victory
Letter Swap Level 2-26: pizza, slice, mushroom, bell pepper
Letter Swap Level 2-27: trophy, binoculars, clock, grape
Letter Swap Level 2-28: judge, wig, robe, hammer
Letter Swap Level 2-29: yolk, daisy, placemat, polkadot
Letter Swap Level 2-30: snowboarding, helmet, mountain, powder
Letter Swap Level 2-31: orange, diver, coral, flippers
Letter Swap Level 2-32: mouse, pumpkin, tomato, whiskers
Letter Swap Level 2-33: porcelain, empress, chinese, royals
Letter Swap Level 2-34: teddy bear, chest, marbles, mitt
Letter Swap Level 2-35: wallpaper, suitcase, teacup, eyeglasses