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Linking Word Game Review

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Linking Word Game Fun for iOS
If you love word games, like I do, then the new Linking Word game from App-Easy is one that’s well worth a look. Following the simplest of concepts, it’s easy to use, fun to play and really is quite addictive as it’s blurb promises! There is a plethora of word games now for iOS devices, some good and some not so good, but amongst all of the word game releases, it is actually refreshing to see one that is genuinely new in the word game experience it offers.
Playing the Game…
How does it work? Well, you’re presented with two words, like ‘hair’ and ‘can’ and you have to find the word that links these two words, which in this case is, ‘can’ to give ‘hairspray’ and ‘spray can’.
The word puzzles are nicely intermixed between easy and more difficult ones, so it’s easy to feel that you’re able to keep moving through each of the 5 available levels. There are 500 word puzzles in total and when you first download the app there are 8 clues available. Clues can be used to find the number of letters or the first letter in the linking word answer. There is a skip option, too, to let you move onto the next puzzle, if you’re faced with a really difficult pair of words, but that is more expensive costing 4 clues. More clues can be bought from the App Store through in-app purchase, which is where this word game looks to make its revenue, but there is also an option to put up a Facebook post to get help from friends, so you can get help without having to buy more clues.
There is also the Linking Word Lite version of the game and this offers all the fun of the full game. There is just one level in the Lite word game and you can’t save your score, so you’re back to square one every time you play.
More than just an iOS Game?
Whilst the game is fun to sit and play on your own, it lends itself nicely to play amongst friends. Journey’s with children can be tiresome and my kids found this game entertaining to play together in the car, one with the game on her iPhone, saying out the clues and the rest of the passengers joining in the fun to find the linking word answer. Linking Word proved to be quick, easy and captivating fun in an unexpected situation!
So, Finally…
The interface is quite simple and basic but it is clean and appealing. This word game, whilst based on a very simple idea, is actually unique compared to others on the market and is captivating to play.
Linking Word has it’s own website (external link) and, from a marketing perspective, offers a quarterly give-away competition that is simple to enter once you’ve downloaded the full game. You can find more information on Linking Word and other App-Easy apps from the App-Easy site.
In cost terms, the Lite word game is free and the full game is $0.69/£0.99 and is, in my view, well worth the price of a chocolate bar.