Little Lingo – Txt and Lingo Quiz Answers Level 151-175

Answers for Little Lingo Level 151-175 for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android. This game is made by Juxta Labs, Inc, and is available on iTunes. Do u know what L8R, IDK, and WEG mean? What about NUB, BRB, and BTW? See if u know ur internet lingos! Little Lingo will test your skillz. If you get stuck on a level just use the walkthrough below to advance in the game. Instant FUN. No signup. No registration. Just play! Hundreds of txt quiz questions. Good luck getting through them all, it’s not going to happen, unless you use the answers below :)
Little Lingo – Txt and Lingo Quiz Answers Level #151 –  #175:
Level 151: Funny
Level 152: Whatever
Level 153: Forever
Level 154: Amazing
Level 155: No Way
Level 156: Crazy
Level 157: All Right
Level 158: Suspicious
Level 159: Money
Level 160: Easy
Level 161: Knuckle
Level 162: Very
Level 163: Friends
Level 164: Microwave
Level 165: Everyone
Level 166: Parents
Level 167: Cheat
Level 168: Pick Up
Level 169: Barbecue
Level 170: Bathroom
Level 171: Great
Level 172: Real
Level 173: Arrested
Level 174: Gorgeous
Level 175: Personal