Magic Words Answers and Cheats All Levels

Magic Words Answers, Cheats and Solutions All Levels. Need help with a puzzle for the game by Clever Apps. Play Magic Words to begin training your brain and become a vocabulary master. Hidden words where you build as many words as possible. Brain puzzles with many challenging levels. Hundreds of Levels with Thousands of Words await you. Discover extra words for bonus gold.
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Magic Words Answers and Cheats All Levels

Magic Words Answers All Levels

Enjoy our solutions and game guide below.

Magic Words Episode 1 Answers

#1: For, Form, From
#2: Pen, Pie, Pin, Pine, *Nip
#3: End, Net, Ten, Dent, Tend, *Den, *Ted
#4: Are, Ear, Era, Her, Hare, Hear, *Rah
#5: Lie, Evil, Live, Veil, Vile *Vie, *Lei
#6: Act, Cat, Sat, Acts, Cast, Cats, *Sac, *Scat
#7: Eat, Let, Tea, Late, Tale, *Ale, *Ate, *Teal
#8: Age, Gas, Sea, Ages, Sage, *Sag
#9: Act, Cat, Fat, Fact, *Aft
#10: Now, Own, Son, Won, Owns, Snow, *Sow, *Sown
#11: Are, Ear, Era, Rare, Rear, *Err
#12: Air, Car, Arch, Hair, Rich, Chair, *Arc, *Char, *Rah
#13: Den, End, Pen, Send, Spend, *Dens, *Ends, *Sped, *Pens
#14: Age, Eat, Get, Tag, Tea, Gate, *Ate
#15: Net, Ten, Rent, Teen, Tree, Enter, *Tee, *Nee, *Ere, *Tern

Magic Words Episode 2 Answers

#1: Beg, Big, Bin, Gen, Gin, Begin, Being, *Binge, *Gibe, *Nib
#2: And, Ant, Sad, Sat, Tan, Ants, Sand, Stand, *Ads, *Tad, *Tans
#3: Net, Rye, Ten, Try, Yet, Rent, Entry, *Yer, *Tern, *Tyre, *Yen
#4: Peg, Per, Rug, Pure, Urge, Purge, *Rue, *Pug, *Reg, *Rep
#5: Ale, Awe, Hew, Law, Hale, Heal, Weal, Whale, *Awl, *Haw, *Lah
#6: Arm, May, Oar, Ray, Army, Roam, Mayor, Moray, *Ram, *Mar, *Mayo, *Yam
#7: Don, Nod, Pun, Pond, Undo, Upon, Pound, *Dun, *Duo, *Pod, *Pud
#8: Ere, Fee, Few, Wee, Free, Reef, Were, Fewer, *Ref, *Ewe, *Ewer
#9: Let, Lye, Set, Yes, Yet, Lest, Lets, Style, *Sly, *Sty, *Stye
#10: Ark, Ash, Ask, Has, Hark, Rash, Shark, *Harks, *Rah, *Ska
#11: Dam, Day, Lad, Lay, Mad, May, Lady, Madly, *Dal, *Lam, *Yam
#12: Hot, Hut, Out, Tum, Moth, Mouth, *Tho, *Hum, *Ohm, *Tom, *Thou
#13: Doe, Err, Ode, Ore, Red, Rod, Rode, Order, *Doer, *Redo, *Roe
#14: Hip, His, Sip, Chip, Hips, Ship, Chips, *Spic
#15: Ale, One, Lane, Lean, Loan, Lone, Alone, *Ole, *Aeon, *Aloe, *Elan, *Eon