Math Academy Rest Stop Answers

Math Academy: Zero in to Win! by Scimob. Math Academy Rest Stop Answers and solutions for this 6×6 level Pack. The cheats works with Android, iPhone, iPod and iPad. Find the right math calculations and get zero to win, that sound simple right. No need to be a math wiz, enroll in Math Academy and earn your diploma. It’s not cheating to get a little help below. The goal is simple, just find mathematical operations that result in 0 to make all the squares in this 6×6 grid disappear. Use our walkthrough or guide to solve the puzzle. The theme of this level pack is “Rest Stops”.
The game app is available on iTunes and Google Play. The game is developed by Scimob. Hope you will enjoy our Math Academy Rest Stop Answers.
Math Academy Rest Stop Answers

Math Academy Rest Stop Answers, Solutions and Cheats All Levels

Math Academy Rest Stop Answers
1+5-6 = 0
2-4+2 = 0
3+3-6 = 0
4-2-2 = 0
5+1-6 = 0