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Mech Cube Escape Room 1-9 Walkthrough Guide

Mech Cube Escape Room 1-9 walkthrough game guide + Complete Ending. Find help below if you are stuck on a puzzle. Find all endings and collectibles hidden. Secret levels, easter eggs and an lots of references to modern pop culture. You are to explore nooks and corners of this place on your own, meet deadly traps and uncover incredible secrets of the “Mechanical Cube”.

What the developer OGUREC APPS say about the game app:

Very little is known about nature of the object called “Cube”. From the outside it is a huge matt black monolith made of an unknown metal. The material of which the “Cube” is built has extraordinary hardness and is absolutely unaffected by any external influence. There is only a single gateway on its surface and it allows to enter exclusively alive and conscious members of the human race.

You can download Mech Cube Escape Room on App Store and Google Play. A game by OGUREC APPS.

Mech Cube Escape Room 1-9 Walkthrough Guide + Complete Ending

Support the developer by using their hints. Just logical problems to be solved and thinking outside the box.

Level 1-9

Thinking outside of the box just got a new meaning.

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