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Movie Quiz Solutions All Levels

Movie Quiz Solutions, Answers and Cheats for iPhone, iPod and iPad. Are you searching for all the answers and solutions for the game Movie Quiz – Cinema, guess what is the movie! created by guillaume coulbaux? We got the answers for you right here at guidesetc.com.
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Movie Quiz Answers

Movie Quiz Answers and Solutions All Levels

Movie Quiz Solutions Level 1:
Level 1-1: Finding Nemo
Level 1-2: Spiderman
Level 1-3: The Sixth Sense
Level 1-4: Men in Black
Level 1-5: Jurassic Park
Level 1-6: Batman
Level 1-7: Twilight
Level 1-8: ET
Level 1-9: Kung Fu Panda
Level 1-10: 2012
Level 1-11: Iron Man
Level 1-12: Narnia
Movie Quiz Solutions Level 2:
Level 2-1: Grease
Level 2-2: The Lion King
Level 2-3: Forrest Gump
Level 2-4: Avatar
Level 2-5: Matrix
Level 2-6: Pretty Woman
Level 2-7: Ice Age
Level 2-8: 300
Level 2-9: Gran Torino
Level 2-10: Top Gun
Level 2-11: Hitch
Level 2-12: Titanic
Movie Quiz Solutions Level 3:
Level 3-1: ?
Level 3-2: Ted
Level 3-3: Inception
Level 3-4: The Hangover
Level 3-5: Star Wars
Level 3-6: Shrek
Level 3-7: Black Swan
Level 3-8: Armageddon
Level 3-9: ?
Level 3-10: James Bond
Level 3-11: Kill Bill
Level 3-12: XMen
We will update with the rest of the levels soon.
Also, if you know the above answers that we miss, please share them with us in the comment.
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