Movie Wall of Fame Hollywood Answers All Levels

Movie Wall of Fame Hollywood Answers, Solutions and Cheats for Android, iPhone, iPod and iPad. If you are stuck on an iconic movie star, then use our walkthrough guide for help. We have a complete list of solved trivia quiz answers for you to use for free. Movie Wall of Fame with Hollywood Hero is developed by June and available on iTunes and Google Play to download. Joe Hollywood is back, ande he is going to walk you through Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. In this game app you will meet all your iconic movie stars from your favorite movies. The game app by June is a beautifully hand crafted artwork game and it’s the same creators behind “Guess the Movie” and “Think”.
Movie Wall of Fame Hollywood Answers All Levels

Movie Wall of Fame Hollywood Answers, Solutions and Cheats All Levels

Movie Wall of Fame Hollywood Answers Levels 1-100:
Level 1: Lara Croft
Level 2: Beowulf
Level 3: Mr & Mrs Smith
Level 4: Wanted
Level 5: Salt
Level 6: Original Sin
Level 7: The Terminator
Level 8: Batman & Robin
Level 9: Commando
Level 10: Twins
Level 11: Conan the Barbarian
Level 12: True Lies
Level 13: Fight Club
Level 14: Troy
Level 15: Moneyball
Level 16: Charlies Angels
Level 17: The Mask
Level 18: Knight and day
Level 19: Bad teacher
Level 20: Men in Black
Level 21: Bad Boys
Level 22: Wild Wild West
Level 23: Hancock
Level 24: Catwoman
Level 25: X Men
Level 26: Die Another Day
Level 27: Monsters Ball
Level 28: The Mask
Level 29: Ace Ventura
Level 30: Batman Forever
Level 31: Dumb and Dumber
Level 32: Pirates of the Caribbean
Level 33: Edward Scissorhands
Level 34: The Lone Ranger
Level 35: Alice in Wonderland
Level 36: Sweeney Todd
Level 37: Dark Shadows
Level 38: Runaway Bride
Level 39: Stepmom
Level 40: Pretty Woman
Level 41: Oceans 11
Level 42: Mona Lisa Smile
Level 43: Eat Pray Love
Level 44: Notting Hill
Level 45: Larry Crowne
Level 46: Duplicity
Level 47: Braveheart
Level 48: The Patriot
Level 49: Lethal Weapon
Level 50: Mad Max
Level 51: Black Swan
Level 52: V for Vendetta
Level 53: Star Wars
Level 54: Thor
Level 55: Gladiator
Level 56: Robin Hood
Level 57: A Beautiful Mind
Level 58: L A Confidential
Level 59: Mission Impossible
Level 60: Top Gun
Level 61: Rain Man
Level 62: The Last Samurai
Level 63: Minority Report
Level 64: Cocktail
Level 65: Toy Story
Level 66: Turner and Hooch
Level 67: Splash
Level 68: Saving Private Ryan
Level 69: Apollo 13
Level 70: Big
Level 71: Reindeer Games
Level 72: The Italian Job
Level 73: Sweet November
Level 74: Mighty Joe Young

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