Music Quiz – Valentine's Day Answers

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This is an Valentines Day edition of the game Music Quiz by Mangoo Games and is available for free from AppStore, iTunes and Google Play for your iPhone, iPad and Android devices.
Level 1: Love Story
Level 2: Ti Amo
Level 3: James Blunt
Level 4: Skinny Love
Level 5: Elton John
Level 6: Apologize
Level 7: Marvin Gaye
Level 8: Lana Del Rey
Level 9: Angels
Level 10: Halo
Level 11: Barry White
Level 12: Im Yours
Level 13: True Love
Level 14: Summer Love
Level 15: One
Level 16: No One
Level 17: Sean Paul
Level 18: Phil Collins
Level 19: Michael Buble
Level 20: Bad Day
Level 21: Bleeding Love
Level 22: Beautiful
Level 23: XO
Level 24: Bubbly
Level 25: Bruno Mars
Level 26: Take Care
Level 27: Cassius
Level 28: Keane
Level 29: Drake
Level 30: Jack Johnson
Level 31: You Found Me
Level 32: Stay
Level 33: Crazy Love
Level 34: I Love You
Level 35: My Boo
Level 36: Donna Summer
Level 37: Stevie Wonder
Level 38: Same Love
Level 39: Alicia Keys
Level 40: Nicki Minaj
Level 41: Hero
Level 42: Always Love
Level 43: Crazy In Love
Level 44: With You
Level 45: Firework
Level 46: Down
Level 47: Celine Dion
Level 48: Jason Mraz
Level 49: Selena Gomez
Level 50: Demon
Level 51: Last Request
Level 52: Here With Me
Level 53: Eminem
Level 54: Take A Bow
Level 55: Mario
Level 56: The Calling
Level 57: Vivo Per Lei
Level 58: Shakira
Level 59: Because of You
Level 60: Drunk In Love
Level 61: Digital Love
Level 62: Calvin Harris
Level 63: Lucky
Level 64: Love Song
Level 65: Fix You
Level 66: Kiss You
Level 67: Heaven
Level 68: Fallin
Level 69: Te Amo
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