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Need For Words Starter Answers 6/6 – +/- Game

Looking for help with the game Need for Words by Tim Girard? Specifically the +/- Game – Starter levels?
At guidesetc.com we completed this level and are ready to show you all 6 answers of these starter questions.
In this game you’ll earn coins for every correct answer. But you can’t see the full picture. To get to see it you’ll have to click one of the squares blocking the screen. This will cost you from 10 to 50 coins per square you remove, so think carefully.
You should also keep in mind that using hints can be dangerous, as you need all the coins you can grab to get to the next sets of levels!
+/- Starter-1: Pinecone
+/- Starter-1: Underdog
+/- Starter-1: Xbox
+/- Starter-1: Microwave
+/- Starter-1: Boardcard
+/- Starter-1: Cardboard