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No Zombies Allowed – Tips & Tricks

no zombies allowed
Have you tried the game No Zombies Allowed by Booyah, Inc.? It’s super fun, and I must say I found it to be pretty addictive! At least it’s a game I open every day (some might say to often), just to make sure my businesses are running and some times just to shoot some zombies at the gate!
If you don’t have it on your smartphone yet, you should go get it! It’s available on both iTunes/AppStore for iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone and Google Play for Android devices – oh, and did I mention that it’s free!? Literally hours of fun for FREE! What’s not to like about that.
guidesetc.com is bringing you their view on this game.
At first it might seem a bit “slow” to some but later on you’ll have plenty to do with the Supply Depots and Zombies at the gate. I’m quite the achievement lover, so for those of you out there that loves GameCenter Achievements as well (for iOS units) there’s 52 of those to grab with a total value of 940 points!
These range from everything from Accept X survivors to the ones that will take you a bit longer like kill 100.000 Zombies at the gate.
As for tips for the Achievements I can give a few:
– For the ones where you’ll need to accept survivors, you can keep evicting people from your village and accepting new ones. That way you’ll get these achievements a bit faster.
– Kill X Zombies in battle. Well this will take place in the Supply Depots which you’ll get the first of after the first 3 buildings (it’s the one with the truck in front of).
– Kill X Zombies at the gate. For this you’ll simply need to keep the game open. This will attract the zombies to your gate in batches of 1-5 zombies for you to shoot and kill!
– Complete X Supply Runs. Well just keep expanding your village and these will come in no time.
– Made X Personality Matches. For this you’ll need to watch your businesses. As you might have noticed when playing; some businesses for example says Match: “Dreamer”. This means that you’ll need a survivor with the Dreamer skill to make a match. More on this later on.
– Save X people during Zombie Attack. This happens in the supply runs, simply keep the zombies from eating the survivors.
That’s gotta do it for the achievements. Of course, if you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments below!
Now for the Supply Runs and the weapons you can use in these!
– You will start with the Pistol.
– The pistol holds a clip of of 6 shots.
– Does minimum damage (x1 Damage)
– Suitable for Easy runs.
– When you have done 5 trips on that Supply Depot you will get the Shotgun.
– This gun holds a clip of 2 shots
– Does double damage compared to the pistol (x2 Damage)
– Suitable for Easy and Medium runs I’d say. So as soon as you get this gun, and if you’re up for a little more challenge go for medium runs for more supplies per run.
– Suitable for Boss level: Easy and Medium
Sub-Machine Gun
– One of my favorite guns :)
– Unlocks after 20 runs.
– Does the same damage as the shotgun.
– Clip size: 6
– Suitable for Easy, Medium and Hard runs. So go for the hard ones if you’re up for the extra challenge and want more supplies per run.
– Suitable for Boss level: Easy, Medium.
– My least favorite gun, as this weapon only have a clip-size of 1!
– Suitable for Easy and Medium runs and Boss Levels of same difficulty.
– Unlocks after 30 runs.
Assault Rifle
– Unlocks after 60 runs, so this will take a while to get by.
– Clip-size is 5.
– Suitable for Easy, Medium and Hard supply runs. Tried it once in Nightmare. Didn’t quite work that well for me, in my opinion the clip-size was a bit to small and the speed a little to slow for that.
– Suitable for ANY difficulty of boss levels. So I’d say as soon as you get this one go for the Nightmare ones for the extra money rewarded!
– Unlocks after 80 runs.
– Works perfectly when the zombies are in close range!
– Works for Easy, Medium and Hard Runs.
– As for the boss go for Easy and Medium Runs.
– 180 Runs, and this baby is yours!
– Unlimited clips.
– Awesome power.
– Suitable for literally any mission and boss difficulty.
Grenade Launcher
– Well. Didn’t try this one.
– Will cost you 120 bucks which can be bought in the store.
Thanks for browsing through this game with us. If you feel like sharing anything with us and our viewers, please feel free to do so in the comments section in the bottom of the page!