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One Clue – All Level Answers for Android and iPhone

We bring you the answers and solutions for One Clue, a popular game app by Bonfire Media, Inc. The game supports Android and iPhone. So if you are stuck and unable to unscramble the word, then use our hints below to solve the puzzle clues. This game is similar to crosswords and word search puzzles.
This game is becoming increasingly popular, so stay tuned for more solutions. Please feel free to help us, by leaving a comment below with solved words. Thanks a lot.
One Clue Answers Level All Answers
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One Clue Level 1-100
One Clue Level 101-200
One Clue Level 201-300
One Clue Level 301-400
One Clue Level 401+

The esiest way to find the answer is to search* for the Clue on your current level:
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Walkthrough and solutions for One Clue Level 1-100:
Level 1: Igloo, Clue: Snowy Shelter
Level 2: Coffee, Clue: Morning Starter
Level 3: Spinach, Clue: Popeye’S Favorite Food
Level 4: Romeo, Clue: Shakespearean Lover
Level 5: Flower, Clue: Beautiful Part Of A Plant
Level 6: Glue, Clue: Hold Things Together
Level 7: Pyramid, Clue: Egyptian Wonder
Level 8: Antler, Clue: Animal Horn
Level 9: Aspirin, Clue: Headache Reliever
Level 10: David, Clue: Giant Killer
Level 11: Palace, Clue: Home For Queens
Level 12: Scrooge, Clue: Bah Humbug!
Level 13: Cake, Clue: Eaten On Birthdays
Level 14: Golf, Clue: Lowest Score Wins
Level 15: Dam, Clue: Water Backup
Level 16: Puppy, Clue: Young Dog
Level 17: Cookie, Clue: It Sometimes Crumbles
Level 18: Minivan, Clue: Suburban Transport
Level 19: Cramp, Clue: Muscle Pain
Level 20: Cheetah, Clue: Fastest Land Animal
Level 21: Rooster, Clue: Farm’S Alarm Clock
Level 22: Penguin, Clue: Emperor Of Adelie
Level 23: Period, Clue: Sentence Ender
Level 24: Wonka, Clue: Magical Chocolate Maker
Level 25: Jedi, Clue: Force Is Strong In Him
Level 26: Matches, Clue: Don’T Play With Them
Level 27: Tinman, Clue: Heartless Metal Friend
Level 28: Pingpong, Clue: Tennis With Paddles
Level 29: Aerobics, Clue: Exercise Class
Level 30: Shrimp, Clue: Small Crustacean
Level 31: Beaver, Clue: Busy One
Level 32: Vanilla, Clue: Can Be Plain Or French
Level 33: Soda, Clue: Bubbly Drink
Level 34: Foal, Clue: Baby Stallion
Level 35: Shake, Clue: Harlem Or Milk
Level 36: Fences, Clue: Make Good Neighbors
Level 37: Baby, Clue: Mini Me
Level 38: Brain, Clue: Body’S Computer
Level 39: Sky, Clue: Where The Clouds Play
Level 40: Bicycle, Clue: Two Wheeler
Level 41: Sword, Clue: Weapon Of Choice
Level 42: Airplanes, Clue: Flying Machine
Level 43: Towel, Clue: Gets Wetter As It Dries
Level 44: Internet, Clue: Packets Travel Here
Level 45: Dumbbell, Clue: A Heavy Weight
Level 46: France, Clue: Land Of Fries And Toast
Level 47: Minute, Clue: 1440 In A Day
Level 48: Drought, Clue: Lack Of Rain
Level 49: Oyster, Clue: Pearl Maker
Level 50: Envy, Clue: Green Emotion
Level 51: Ogre, Clue: Shrek
Level 52: Bacon, Clue: Sliced Pork Belly
Level 53: Einstein, Clue: Crazy Hair Genius
Level 54: Hunger, Clue: Crave Food
Level 55: Ballet, Clue: Dancing On Tippy Toes
Level 56: Maple, Clue: Tapped For Syrup
Level 57: Shadow, Clue: Shady Companion
Level 58: Camel, Clue: Ships Of The Desert
Level 59: Peacock, Clue: Proud Bird
Level 60: Tower, Clue: Tall Structure
Level 61: Teacher, Clue: Student Guide
Level 62: Swan, Clue: Ugly Duckling
Level 63: Water, Clue: 70% Of Earth
Level 64: Bruise, Clue: Tender Spot
Level 65: Wrist, Clue: Hand Connection
Level 66: Desk, Clue: Office Table
Level 67: Poison, Clue: Deadly Substance
Level 68: Rabbit, Clue: Pull One Out Of Hat
Level 69: Kitchen, Clue: Room For Cooking
Level 70: Mint, Clue: Breath Saver
Level 71: Muscles, Clue: Body Builder’S Strength
Level 72: Magic, Clue: Mystical Power
Level 73: Study, Clue: College Job
Level 74: Thunder, Clue: Sound Of Lightning
Level 75: London, Clue: Big Ben Locale
Level 76: Arctic, Clue: Cold Region
Level 77: Ranch, Clue: Dressing Or Farm
Level 78: Snap, Clue: Crackle & Pop Companion
Level 79: Taxes, Clue: What The Irs Wants
Level 80: Angelina, Clue: Brad’S Companion
Level 81: Pluto, Clue: Was Once A Planet
Level 82: Mayor, Clue: Works At City Hall
Level 83: Peterpan, Clue: He Never Grew Up
Level 84: Cream, Clue: Milk Fat
Level 85: Whisper, Clue: Talk Softly
Level 86: Camping, Clue: Pitching A Tent
Level 87: Poodle, Clue: Curly Haired Dog
Level 88: Minus, Clue: A Dash In Math
Level 89: Pirate, Clue: High Seas Thief
Level 90: Tooth, Clue: Canine Or Baby
Level 91: Earth, Clue: 3Rd Planet From The Sun
Level 92: Karate, Clue: Japanese Martial Art
Level 93: Palm, Clue: Answer In Your Hands
Level 94: Venus, Clue: Women Are From Here
Level 95: Mummy, Clue: Mom In Bandages
Level 96: Steak, Clue: Red Meat
Level 97: Nemo, Clue: Lost Fish
Level 98: Tea, Clue: Coffee Alternative
Level 99: Monalisa, Clue: Famous Masterpiece
Level 100: Bear, Clue: Teddy Or Polar

Walkthrough and solutions for One Clue Level 101-200:
Level 101: Feet, Clue: Happy Or Smelly
Level 102: Skiing, Clue: Popular Winter Activity
Level 103: Gorilla, Clue: Great Ape
Level 104: Superman, Clue: Man Of Steel
Level 105: Pepper, Clue: Salt’S Bestfriend
Level 106: Apple, Clue: Gift For Teacher
Level 107: Pooh, Clue: Loves Hunny
Level 108: Envelope, Clue: Letter Holder
Level 109: Carrot, Clue: Good For Eyes
Level 110: Squid, Clue: Ten Legged Creature
Level 111: Sleep, Clue: Need 8 Hours A Day
Level 112: Polka, Clue: German Folk Dance
Level 113: Ginger, Clue: Snaps And Ale
Level 114: Candle, Clue: Burn One End Only
Level 115: Laughter, Clue: Can Be The Best Medicine
Level 116: Caramel, Clue: Chewy Candy
Level 117: Car, Clue: Horseless Carriage
Level 118: Axe, Clue: Paul Bunyon Tool
Level 119: Shark, Clue: Toothy Fish
Level 120: College, Clue: School After High School
Level 121: Nurse, Clue: Doctor’s Assistant
Level 122: Sardine, Clue: Tiny Fish
Level 123: Socks, Clue: Feet Warmer
Level 124: Clock, Clue: Right 2X A Day
Level 125: Tomato, Clue: Potato Potato
Level 126: Picnic, Clue: A Meal Outside
Level 127: Milk, Clue: Mustache Maker
Level 128: Falcon, Clue: Predatory Bird
Level 129: Lion, Clue: Royal Cat
Level 130: Police, Clue: Long Arm Of The Law
Level 131: Silk, Clue: Luxurious Fabric
Level 132: Shirt, Clue: Chest Cover
Level 133: Jack, Clue: Giant Killer
Level 134: Dentist, Clue: Dr. Molar
Level 135: Wardrope, Clue: Clothing Options
Level 136: Pace, Clue: Heart Beat
Level 137: Potato, Clue: Veggie Fry
Level 138: Computer, Clue: Thinking Machine
Level 149: Turkey, Clue: Gobble Gobble
Level 140: Joker, Clue: Batman’s Nemesis
Level 141: Fur, Clue: Coat For Animal
Level 142: Cup, Clue: Drink Holder
Level 143: Cartoons, Clues: Moving Pictures
Level 144: Vegas, Clue: Sin City
Level 145: Ring, Clue: Sauron’S Obsession
Level 146: Lobster, Clue: Crustacean Pincher
Level 147: Eraser, Clue: Pencil Corrector
Level 148: Decade, Clue: 10 Years
Level 149: Diner, Clue: Last Meal Of The Day
Level 150: Tickle, Clue: Makes You Laugh
Level 151: Factory, Clue: Where Things Are Made
Level 152: Wrist, Clue: Hand Connection
Level 153: Sun, Clue: Closest Star To Earth
Level 154: Stop, Clue: Red Light
Level 155: Pace, Clue: Pick It Up Slow Pokes
Level 156: Raccoon, Clue: Cute Masked Bandit
Level 157: Opera, Clue: Singing Play
Level 158: Recess, Clue: School Yard Fun Time
Level 159: Flower, Clue: Beautiful Part Of A Plant
Level 160: Oyster, Clue: Pearl Maker
Level 161: Poker, Clue: Gambling Game
Level 162: Pizza, Clue: Can Be Deep Or Thin
Level 163: Riddle, Clue: Word Game
Level 164: cats, Clue: They Hate Dogs
Level 165: Anchor, Clue: Popeye’s Tattoo
Level 166: Laser, Clue: Intense Light
Level 167: Peach, Clue: Fuzzy Fruit
Level 168: Prince, Clue: Charming Guy
Level 169: Noah, Clue: Flood Survivor
Level 170: Panic, Clue: Frightened Reaction
Level 171: Bride, Clue: Wedding Participant
Level 172: Kitchen, Clue: Room For Cooking
Level 173: Steak, Clue: Red Meat
Level 174: Minions, Clue: Villain’S Helper
Level 175: Jungle, Clue: Where The Wild Things Are
Level 176: Toupee, Clue: Head Cover
Level 177: Ocean, Clue: Large Body Of Water
Level 178: Cutlery, Clue: Spoon, Knives, And Forks
Level 179: Tomato, Clue: Red Fruit Or Vegetable
Level 180: Mud, Clue: Water and Dirt
Level 181: Hulk, Clue: Don’T Make Him Angry
Level 182: Moon, Clue: Night Light
Level 183: Saturn, Clue: Planet of Rings
Level 184: Treasure, Clue: Pirates Bury It
Level 185: Weekend, Clue: Saturday And Sunday
Level 186: Library, Clue: House Of Books
Level 187: Boxer, Clue: Pugilists Or Undergarment
Level 188: Bell, Clue: Ding Dong Maker
Level 189: Study, Clue: College Job
Level 190: Careless, Clue: Accident Prone
Level 191: Seek, Clue: Companion Of Hide
Level 192: Kangaroo, Clue: Jumping Animal
Level 193: Falcon, Clue: Predatory Bird
Level 194: Paris, Clue: City Of Lights
Level 195: Psycho, Clue: Hitchcock Classic
Level 196: Baby, Clue: Mini-Me
Level 197: Whale, Clue: Largest Animal
Level 198: ESP, Clue: Psychic Ability
Level 199: Kilt, Clue: Scottish Skirt For Men
Level 200: Shrimp, Clue: Small Crustacean
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