Over 1,000. You’re a genius? Answers All Levels

Over 1,000. You’re a genius? Answers, solutions and Cheats All Levels. 350 words and 10 levels and soon update to 1000+ words and 30 levels to solve. Guess the hidden word using a hint photo, the words are divided into fragments and puzzles. Over 1000 Game Answers.

Over 1,000. You’re a genius Game answers:

Level 1

geoglyph, crowd, Portrait, Femininity, Helmet, blond, splash, udder, newspaper, concrete, cartridge, hotel, graph, pectorals, biped, dinosaur, blowing, star, care, needle, emerald, rock, caries, quinoa, bell, space, cross, latte, linden, fossil, bench, henna, walrus, emigrate, cowboy.

Level 2

beard, branches, sparrow, waist, switch, tie, octagon, kettlebell, hail, sponge, door, contract, city, nightstick, performing, knowledge, instructor, supplies, sausages, wings, louver, sky, pilot, podium, vast, corrida, light, rhubarb, twilight, farmer, trunk, egg, tunnel, abdomen, seamstress.

Level 3

Level 3 Answers: collar, choice, gargoyle, diving, helmet, jackfruit, dose, ruminant, flirt, amphibian, famous, viburnum, imitation, cilantro, jar, comedy, bonfire, cooking, lion, lumberjack, moose, attack, custom, paella, thigh, buddies, saber, spool, strawberries, ostrich, stilts, electricity, combustion, lock, tram.

Level 4

harvest, tentacles, nightingale, memories, hatching, gondola, pear, twelve, gerbera, rain, shower, detective, paddock, drought, giraffe, caviar, rope, censorship, leather, centaur, orca, confectioner, bush, farmers, locomotive, mayonnaise, pedicure, rafting, divorce, Spain, hip, jaw, insect, Buddha, interview.

Level 5

valley, balance, volcano, mountains, December, diet, queen, hat, speedometer, food, snack, women, disability, captain, ketchup, climate, horse, bloat, creative, longship, London, magic, embankment, night, paprika, alabai, saxophone, vault, polisher, structure, exercise, roof, elf, icebreaker, reproduction.