Move the Box – Hamburg Levels 1-48 – Walkthrough

Welcome to this guide to the 3rd tier of levels, called Hamburg, in the game Move the Box for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. This guide will take you through these 48 levels, step by step. Enjoy! Level 1: Move the orange box in the 2nd row right. Level 2: Move the orange box in the 4th row down. Level 3: Move … Read more

Move the Box – Osaka Levels 1-48 – Walkthrough

Here’s the our guide to all the 48 Osaka levels of the game: Move the Box for iPhone, iPad and Android. Below I will take you through the levels step by step. Other then that, enjoy this one! Level 1: Move the brownbox in the lower right corner, left. Level 2: Move the 1st brown box in the … Read more

Tips & Tricks: Play any movie format on your iPad!

Are you, or have you been looking for a great app to view, store and manage your digital videos on your iPad? Look no further, cause this app is probably just what you’re looking for! CineXPlayer HD is the name, it’s developed by NXP Software BV, and you can pick it up right for the … Read more